Best neighbourhood, heartlands and HDB playgrounds in Singapore: We found swings!

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Swings, sand and some of the tallest slides in Singapore: we have climbed and swung our way around the Lion City looking for the best playgrounds in the heartlands for your kids...

While we all know that the kiddos are sure to squeal with excitement whenever you mention a trip to one of Singapore’s cool indoor play centres, it can get a bit pricy to keep shelling out for entrance fees (and socks! Because who of us EVER remembers to bring them?). So sometimes the day calls for some good old fashioned outdoor family fun at a playground! Singapore is famous for its cool retro playgrounds, and there are plenty of gems to be found. We scouted the island for you, and found 10 of the best heartlands, neighbourhood and HDB play parks in Singapore

Dragon Playground Toa Payoh Honeykids Asia Singapore

A giant retro dragon? In a playground? Tick and tick. Photography: Justin Zhuang via Flickr

1. Dragon Playground
This landmark in Toa Payoh is a child’s dream (what kid wouldn’t be impressed clambering over an enormous dragon!), and is also one of the few iconic 1970s playgrounds still to be found in Singapore. Kids will love climbing over the dragon structure, and the slide in the dragon’s neck is pretty awesome too. Extra points for soft landings: the playground is surrounded entirely by sand!
Dragon Playground, Blk 28 Lorong 6, Toa Payoh, Singapore 310028

2. Sea Monster Playground
Keeping with the theme of mythical creatures, head to the Sea Monster playground to clamber over a friendly blue sea monster and hide under his long tail. Don’t forget to head to the neighbouring pirate ship playground for the kiddos to continue the ocean exploration. As well as climbing fun and a slide or two, you will also find a secret treasure map and globe to help the kids really get into high-sea role play and pirate escapades.
Sea Monster Playground, Block 102, Jalan Rajah, Singapore 321101

Tiong Bahru Park Honeykids Asia Singapore

All aboard the tilted train at Tiong Bahru Park! Photography: Choo Yut Shing via Flickr

3. Tiong Bahru Park
Swings! We found swings! And not only did we find swings but we also found a ton of sand, the wackiest tilted train structure and a mini-flying fox! Climb aboard this dizzy cabin and you’ll find yourself in an Inception-style world of disorientation. The kids will be popping in and out through slides and zipping around the perimeter on the flying fox while you chill out under the shade. Definitely a playground worth putting on the radar.
Tanah Merah Playground, Tiong Bahru Road, Singapore 168732

4. Limbang Park
A suspension bridge, zodiac animal statues and one of the tallest slides to be found in a public playground in Singapore makes Limbang Park the perfect pick for small adventurers. The purple tube slides will have the kids scrambling up and sliding down for hours of exhausting fun. Just make sure you all wear long sleeves and pants to stop the otherwise inevitable slide-burn! There is also lots of green space surrounding the playground, so bring a soccer ball to add to the fun. Parents, if you are feeling brave, try the reflexology path!
Limbang Park, Choa Chu Kang Drive

Wallholla-Playground Honeykids Asia Singapore

A giant slide and a heap of climbing fun to be had at Wallholla Playground.

5. Wallholla Playground
For kids with steely nerves and no fear of heights, head to Wallholla Playground where kids can take on the challenge of a climbing extravaganza inside a caged vertical playground! Your little monkeys will love the three levels of ropes, bars and platforms, and once they have scaled to the top then there is also a less daunting playground challenge nearby with a climbing net and slide.
Wallholla Playground, Block 160, Bishan Street 13, Singapore 570160

6. Dinosaur Playground
Rahhhh! Dinosaurs have been found alive, if a little tired, over at Woodlands! With slides, lots of climbing opportunities and even a giant log to scramble through, your little cavemen and ladies will have hours of fun with these cool dino sculptures. There is a also a more standard playground in front of Block 827 for when the dinosaur fun has reached extinction.
Dinosaur Playground, Fu Shan Garden Park, Block 827, Woodlands Street 82, Singapore 730827

Arboretum-Playground Honeykids Asia Singapore

Sands, slides and obstacles galore: kids will find plenty to do at Arboretum Playground.

7. Arboretum Playground
Head to Yishun Park nearby to the HDB blocks on Yishun Avenue 11 and you will discover a whole host of swinging bridges, rope obstacles, slides, a seesaw and climbing opportunities galore. We love that this playground is not only gorgeously shady, but that there is play equipment to suit all ages. This is definitely one to visit if you have kids of varying ages (we know it can be tricky to find a one-size-fits-all fun destination when you have tots AND teens in the house!), plus take along buckets and spades as there is lots of glorious sand.
Arboretum, Yishun Park, Block 443, Yishun Avenue 11

8. Canberra Park
Singapore’s first ‘inclusive’ playground has been set up for ALL kiddos, whether they are running around or whizzing around in a wheelchair. The park has installed wheelchair-friendly features including ramps and handrails, as well as a bell and drum area for small people who may be visually challenged, and cool swing seats specially designed to be extra secure for those children who may need it. Extra thumbs up for the wheelchair inclusive sensory motion feature which allows kids to sit inside and experience the swinging sensation that all little ones love, and the specially designed play structure which has been created wide enough for wheelchairs to easily use too. Regular slides, swings and climbing nets make this one of our favourite playgrounds in Singapore.
Canberra Park, Sembawang Crescent, Singapore 757632

Firefly Park Honeykids Asia Singapore

Why not practise counting at Firefly Park? Photography credit: Elmich

9. Firefly Park
A cool mini obstacle course, swings and a towering play structure and slide are guaranteed to provide hours of fun (and seriously depleted energy levels) for the whole gang. This green gem is surrounded by five lovely thematic gardens to relax in (don’t forget your picnic lunch!), plus a ton of space to bike ride and scooter with the kids too.
Firefly Park, Block 304, Clementi Avenue 4, Singapore 120304

10. Animal Kingdom Playground
Tired of forking out $$ for a trip to the zoo to see animals? Well put your wallet away and head instead to the Animal Kingdom Playground in Woodlands where animal-loving kiddos can hang out with life-size sculptures of a menagerie of zoo favourites. And once your mini-zoologists have finished with the lion, ostrich and camel, then there is also a small but fun play structure for climbing and sliding fun.
Animal Kingdom Playground, Block 686, Woodlands Drive 73, Singapore 730686

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