About Us

Parenthood is awesome – if you have great kid-wrangling tips, know where to go for fun in your city, and the best spots for family feasts and sanity-saving holidays. That’s why we created HoneyKids: we believe being a mum or dad can be even more awesome with the right inside scoop. We inspire our readers to get the most out of the good times with little ones in tow, and help with some of the challenging times, too (like how on earth do you choose a school in Singapore?).

So, who are we?

Chris Edwards, Founder
A true multi-tasking mumpreneur, Chris juggles deadlines, toddlers and her packed schedule with talent only found here and at the circus. (Potentially the next career move?) She started Honeycombers as a one-woman band, and has since had three littlies, bringing a new talent to her portfolio – tracking down the coolest kids’ stuff in town.




Tracy Tristram, Editor
Tracy is a Brit mum to a grumpy teen, a sensitive tween and a very loud preschooler. She is perpetually tired, but is an excellent referee. Singapore has been her tropical home for the last 11 years and she has a large soft spot for sunshine, popiah, rollercoasters, reflexology and Hua Yu Wee (in no particular order).



Sheralyn Loh, Lifestyle Writer
Sheralyn likes finding new music, sending friends cool postcards and window shopping. She tries to be the fun aunt to her toddler niece but has way too much fun teasing her instead. She’s currently trying to learn Japanese, how to play the ukulele and walk in six inch heels – at the same time.



HoneyKids Asia Jana Blanco

Jana Blanco, Creative Services Writer
Jana is a mum to a very energetic toddler and small new baby boy. She hoards children’s books and sunglasses, and is a sucker for anything bright and shiny. When she isn’t writing, she’s always experimenting in the kitchen or looking for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe. Singapore has been home for the past six years and she’s very proud that she knows how to order her favourite local coffee in Hokkien.