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Our aim is for HoneyKids to be the ultimate Singapore guide for parents and their children. With one eye on the road and an ear to the ground (and the other ones on our kids), we explore the island at large picking up the fun, fab, fresh and (in)formative. We curate and share our finds for folks that love finding and following the moving heart of Singapore too.

Yes, we do have advertising on the site, but the difference between editorial and advertorial content will always be made clear. The partners we work with have products or services that we think offer something new, different and interesting for our readers.

We don’t endorse discrimination in any form. We think that everyone has the right to love and that there’s no golden rule to parenting (though we’re always on quest to make it better and easier). We’re a team of different colours, sizes, and voices: working mums, business chicks, fresh grads, expats and Singaporeans. We are known to suffer from hangovers and parenting fails. But what we have in common is a desire to bring you the best of Singapore for parents and kids.

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