Travelling with kids: fun things to do with children at Changi Airport

A giant slide, a pool and playgrounds galore – this is the airport? If you're jetting off and have a couple of pre-flight hours to kill with the family, or are looking for a cheap day out with the kids, you can't beat Changi Airport (it's one of our secret fave hangouts – shhh!) 

Whether you are flying off with the kids to an exciting family-friendly destination, popping out of town on a weekend short escape, or simply need a fun indoor activity to keep the kids amused for a few hours on a rainy day, Changi Airport has a ton of fun in store for all. Especially now that T4 and Jewel Changi have finally opened! From arts and craft to cool playgrounds, an indoor park to a magnetic train, we have the inside story on all there is to see and do with the kiddos at Changi Airport…

A DAY OUT AT THE AIRPORT (with nowhere to jet off to!)

Spot the planes

We’ve never come across a child who doesn’t love to watch planes taking off and landing, and Changi Airport’s public viewing gallery at Terminal 3 is the perfect place for plane spotters of all ages. Kiddos can also check out the action on the tarmac: the area provides the ideal spot for viewing the ground operations too. Once your future pilots have watched the thousandth plane take to the skies, steer them over to the fun exhibit in the area, where you will find 50 cool facts about how Changi Airport is operated on a daily basis. Fact number one: at least 180,000 travellers pass through the airport every day, not including visitors! Now you need to go and find the other 49 facts…
Terminal 3, 6am to midnight daily, free 

Art at the airport 

Art rubbing stations at Changi Airport

Kids will enjoy the art rubbing stations at Terminals 1, 2 and 3. Photography courtesy of Changi Airport.

Paper and crayons are provided for kiddos of any age at the art rub stations at Terminals 1 (at the level 3 viewing mall), 2 (in transit, next to the orchid garden) and 3 (next to the fountain area on B2). Little artists can lay their paper over the woodblocks (each one has a different design) and then rub over the top with their crayons to create mini-masterpieces featuring local cultural themes and iconic Singapore landmarks. Fun and free!
Terminals 1 and 3, open 24 hours, free

Hop aboard the sky train

A train on a magnet? With no driver? Kids will adore going back and forth on the skytrain, which connects all three terminals via a quick, free rail track. It takes just four minutes to travel between terminals, which makes it the fastest, and the most fun way of travelling around the airport checking off our list of things to do!
Terminals 1, 2 and 3, open 5am to 2.30am, free

Watch the dancing rain!

The Kinetic Rain sculpture at Changi Airport: it's hard to tear the kids away from this one!

The Kinetic Rain sculpture at Changi Airport: it’s hard to tear the kids away from this one!

If your kids love to watch things move and glimmer, then take them over to the centrepiece of Terminal 1: the world’s largest kinetic sculpture! Kids will be rooted to the spot (a rare occurrence indeed) as they gawk at the choreographed movements of Kinetic Rain, a 1,216 aluminium and copper raindrop display which is controlled by individual motors.
Terminal 1, open 24 hours, free

Send your fearless kids down the world’s  tallest slide in an airport

This is the daddy of all airport slides here in Singapore, standing at an impressive 12 metres high (a whopping four storeys!), The Slide @ T3 can be found on level 1. Sliders need to be aged above seven years, and measure between 1.3 and 2 metres before they are allowed to conquer their fear and hurtle down the slide. Smaller, younger kids (aged five and up and over 1.1 metres) with a sense of adventure can head to the one-and-a-half storey version at basement two.
Terminal 3, midday to 10.30pm daily, level 1 slide is free with every $10 spent at the airport and basement 2 slide is free for all

Kick back and watch a movie

Catch a movie or watch the game on the big screen! Photography: Changi Airport Group

There’s a new public movie theatre ST3PS at Terminal 3 where you and the kids can pull up a beanbag for free movie screenings and activities every day! Keep an eye out for live sports telecasts of the English Premier League, Grand Prix, Australian Open and more so you can catch the game on the big screen. Head over on weekends for magic shows and music performances on Saturdays and fitness sessions on Sundays.
Terminal 3, basement 2, movie screening 
9am to 1am daily, extended operating hours for live sports telecast, free

Burn off some energy at soft play

Expect a carousel, slides, dancing balloons and colouring activities at KinderPlay. Kids will love the Mr Bean in London themed play area. Plus, with soft floors, and walls to break any tumbles, you can be sure that your little ones will be having maximum fun with minimum worry! 
Terminal 3, basement 2, open 11am to 11pm, cost from $22 per child for four hours of play

Immerse yourself in the cute

We won’t say no to another playground! If you or the kiddos are obsessed with all things cute, then head to the Sanrio-themed playground in Terminal 3 to play together with your favourite mascots like Hello Kitty, Gudetama and Pompompurin.
Terminal 3, basement 2 (next to Etoz), free

Check out the new terminal on the block: Terminal 4!

Our own small dude was one of the first to check out the brand new Terminal 4. Photography: Tracy Tristram

This brand new snazzy terminal is well worth checking out to catch the cool immersive wall in the check-in area. The giant LED display showcases Singapore’s skyline and all the great Asian destinations the airport connects us to (and is great fodder for adding ideas to the ever-growing travel bucket list). It’s located in the centralized security screening area so visitors can’t access it but you can see it through the glass in the departure hall.
Terminal 4, Departures Hall, open daily 24 hours, free;

Explore Jewel Changi

Jewel Changi Honeykids Asia Singapore

Just check out that indoor fountain!

Jewel Changi is finally open with food and shopping galore! We’ve already visited the massive indoor waterfall but there’s tons more things to explore, from the Shiseido Forest Valley to the insta-worthy Topiary Walk. The newly opened Canopy Park has tons of attractions that are worth a wander like the colourful Petal Garden, Foggy Bowls where kids can play among the clouds, a Mirror Maze, Manulife Sky Nets and the artsy Discovery Slides. While you’re there, why not check out the Changi Experience Studio on level 4 and see what it’s like to run your own airport. Once the kids are all worn out, make a plan to refuel at one of the many food outlets like A&W or Shake Shack. Now that’s what we call the full experience!
Jewel Changi, prices vary with attractions;

PRE-FLIGHT FUN (for the lucky ducks jetting off on a plane!)

Killing time before a flight? You can drop your bags off at the Left Baggage service located at Level 1 of Jewel before hopping to all the fun Changi. But once you’re in the departure hall, you’ll find there’s loads more to do!

Go for a dip

If you have time to spare before you jet off to somewhere fabulous, then why not start your holiday cooled off and chilled out with a dip in the pool at the Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel? This  Balinese-themed swimming pool, jacuzzi and poolside area is perfect for getting the holiday started, and the kids worn out nicely before the flight.
Terminal 1, open 7am to 11pm daily, $17 per person, p.6542 5538;

Keep the kids busy at the Entertainment Deck

Go retro at the Entertainment Deck at T4 Photography: Changi Airport.

Our love for Changi Airport deepened all the more when we discovered the Entertainment Deck at Terminal 2 (and yes there’s on in Terminal 4 as well with retro arcade games). We are talking four fabulous activities that will quieten the kiddos beautifully while you relax before the flight…

1. Xbox Kinect room: Yes we know we are always telling the kids off for ‘too much screen time’, but with an arduous journey ahead (because let’s face it, flying with kids can be hard work), who are we to deny ourselves some peace and quiet while the kids are kept busy on Kinect Sports? Plus this particular gaming experience will wear them out a treat with fun virtual sports to play including table tennis, beach volleyball, track & field events, bowling, boxing or soccer.

2. Movie theatre: A cinema experience in an airport? Yes please! Keep the kiddos busy at the movies 24h with some family-friendly blockbusters.

3. Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3: More games console choice and a large range of action-packed games to pick from will make the kids happy and parents relaxed for a moment or ten.

4. Food! All that fun leads to hungry, thirsty kids. Refuel at the Entertainment Deck’s cafeteria where delicious local and international fare is served up.
Terminal 2, Level 3, Departure Transit Lounge (next to the Sunflower Garden)
Terminal 4, Level 2, Departure Transit Lounge

Discover playgrounds galore!

Playgrounds are a tried, tested and approved way for kids to burn off some energy before boarding a plane. Kids aged one to 12 can have a heap of fun in the indoor, air-conditioned playgrounds in departure lounges in all three terminals. There are plenty of seats around the areas, and decent coffee too, so sit back, have a cuppa and watch the kids wear themselves out before taking to the skies.
Terminal 1, Departure Transit Hall East, next to Discovery Garden, Level 2, Transit Area
Terminal 3 , Departure Transit Hall Central next to Louis Vuitton Duplex Store, Level 2, Transit Area, free

Get back to nature

Brighten your day with a visit to Changi Airport's rooftop Sunflower Garden at Terminal 2.

Brighten your day with a visit to Changi Airport’s rooftop Sunflower Garden at Terminal 2. Photography courtesy of Changi Airport.

While gardens and nature might not immediately spring to mind when thinking about an airport, Changi boasts seven areas brimming with green…

1. Sniff out the gorgeous blooms in the Water Lily Garden, which features these beautiful flowers in a natural, aquatic garden space at Terminal 1.
Terminal 1, Departure Transit Hall, Level 2, Transit Area, free

2. Try not to get too prickly with the kids at The Cactus Garden, which showcases more than 100 types of cacti and arid plants from around the world. (Psst: there’s a bar up there too…).
Terminal 1, Departure Transit Hall, Level 3, Transit Area, free

3. If you are departing from Terminal 2 then the colours of The Orchid Garden are definitely worth checking out: there are over 700 orchids on display to represent the four elements of nature (earth, water, fire and air) here.
Terminal 2, Departure Transit Hall, Level 2, Transit Area, free

4. Are the small humans driving you nuts before you’ve even boarded the plane? Cheer yourself up instantly with a visit to the bright and happy Sunflower Garden! This spot is also top-notch for the kids to spy planes from: rooftop views are directly over the runway and parking bays.
Terminal 2, Departure Transit Hall, Level 3, Transit Area, free

5.  Enchanted gardens are always a hit with the littlies, and the one at Changi is truly enchanting! The interactive area is full of nature sounds and huge flowers which are lit up by fibre-optic and LED lighting, plus we are always impressed at the giant glass bouquet centrepiece, which is decorated entirely with mosaics and stained glass. Real flowers entwine with the glass versions to give a truly magical feel.
Terminal 2, Departure Transit Hall, Level 2, Transit Area, free

6. A butterfly garden? In an airport? You couldn’t make this stuff up! This is a world-first of its kind in an airport, and the garden is designed as a tropical butterfly haven with over 1000 flying beauties from 40 different species brightening up your pre-flight hours. We are talking a six-metre grotto waterfall, a heap of flowering tropical plants, lush greenery and educational corners where kiddos will love getting up close to watch the butterflies feeding (and breeding too: good luck explaining that!).
Terminal 3, Departure Transit Lounge, Level 2 & 3, Transit Area, free

7. Head to the Piazza Garden (not to be confused with a pizza garden), where seasonal and thematic displays are changed throughout the year. Check out special displays during Singapore’s cultural and ethnic festivals for plants and flowers to represent the celebrations happening at that time.
Terminal 1, Departure Transit Lounge, Level 2, Transit Area, free 

Catch some cartoons

Head to the Family Zone where the whole fam can chill out at the small playground or zone out watching some cartoons. You’ll find nappy changing rooms and nursing rooms here too.
Terminal 2, Departure Transit Lounge, Level 2, Transit Area (next to Boost Juice Bars), free

Indulge in a pampering session

Send the kids off with dad to the Entertainment Deck or the playground, and check yourself in for some pre-flight decadence with a hair or beauty session at one of Changi’s two spas!
Terminal 1, Airport Wellness Oasis, Departure Transit Lounge East, Level 2, Transit Area, p. 6546 2433, open daily, 24 hours;
Terminal 2, TranSpa, Departure Transit Lounge, Level 3, Transit Area, p. 6542 2849, open 11am – 9pm daily;

Top image: Changi Airport

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