Pram Friendly Walks: Southern Ridges

Southern Ridges is a great place to take the kids hiking in Singapore
Discovering The Southern Ridges with a Playground PitStop

Theres nothing like finding a pram friendly walk in Singapore, and consider this one of Singapore’s hidden gems! The Southern Ridges of Singapore is almost 10 kilometers of green, open, spaces connecting Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, Hort Park, Kent Ridge Park and Labrador Nature Reserve. Slip on your walking shoes, take the kids and even the stroller, and enjoy a beautiful walk through Singapore’s jungles, with a great play-group pit-stop. Make sure you’re ready to sweat while walking the hills, and don’t forget to bring a water bottle!

Getting There: Lots of Starting Points to Choose From
Since this trail runs from Harbour Front, all the way up to Kent Ridge Park, you can either walk it from start to finish in 3-5 hours, or pick your own starting point for a shorter adventure. Singapore’s National Park website has a great Southern Ridges DIY Guide and Trail Guide to get you to the trail by car, foot, or MRT!

Hort Park













Hort Park: Start Your Adventure at the Playground
Hort Park is located near the Labrador Park and Pasir Panjang MRT stations. After walking through gorgeous gardens and green landscapes, you’ll reach the children’s play-area. This playground has themed gardens with educational quizzes about plants and wildlife, a cute little playhouse, slides, as well as climbing equipment for kids of all ages! Hort Park connects directly to the Alexandra Arch, and onto the Forest Walk, then Henderson Waves, which combined is an approximately 1.5-hour stroller-friendly adventure!

Southern Ridges Walk


Alexandra Arch: A Quick Walk above Busy Singapore
This cool piece of architecture links Forest Walk to Floral Walk at Hort Park. It’s a quick two-minute walk over a white bridge that opens like a leaf over Alexandra Road. It’s a fun spot for photos, and in the evening the bridge lights up with color-changing LED lights! There’s a stroller-friendly walkway that leads up to the bridge from Hort Park.

Forest Walk


The Singing Forest & Forest Walk: Nature, Nature… and More Nature
Consider this the outdoor version of Gardens by the Bay’s Cloud Forest Walk… with no admission charge! The Forest Walk is a 1.3 kilometer, step-free, elevated walk through Telok Blangah Hill Park. You’ll find yourself inside the jungles of Singapore, where wild monkeys swing about, and birds sing from trees. You’re far off the ground on this walkway, and you’ll have to walk up a few hills (we told you it’s a good workout!), but we felt comfortable letting the kids run ahead to burn off some energy. If you’re out at dusk, bug spray is a must! This is an excellent spot for photos too.

Henderson Waves


Henderson Waves: Tallest Walkway in Singapore
Signs on the pavement will tell you which way to go, and once you reach this wave-looking bridge, you’ll be glad you came! Henderson Waves is a wood-paneled bridge, where runners run, people sit and relax, and kids explore. It’s a beautiful 10-minute walk in the morning or late-afternoon, but even more spectacular at night when it’s lit up by LED lights. If you decide to end your journey here, you’ll have to collapse your stroller for a walk down some stairs to the street.

Canopy Walk: Kent Ridge Park
If you choose to take on the complete 3-5 hour walk that is The Southern Ridges, the Canopy Walk at Kent Ridge Park is one of a few starting points. This 10-minute walk is similar to the Forest Walk, but the Canopy Walk is home to one of the largest number and species of dragonflies recorded. The boardwalk will lead you to the historic “Reflections at Bukit Chandu” museum, which is neat for older kids, but you might want to skip the museum if you have little ones!

Labrador Nature Reserve: Walk Along the Water and Through the Forest
Just outside the Labrador Park MRT station, you’ll find an entrance to the Labrador Nature Reserve. Kids can ride scooters near Berlayer Creek, on the Bukit Chermin Boardwalk, and along the shores of the Labrador Nature Reserve. These trails are stroller-friendly too, and you’ll get to take photos of historic landmarks such as Dragon’s Teeth Gate and Red Beacon. This walk has great views of Sentosa!

Marang Trail: The “Not-So-Stroller-Friendly” Portion of The Southern Ridges
This is another starting point of the complete 3-5 hour walk of the Southern Ridges, but you might want to skip this trail if you have a stroller or little ones. It’s still a great walk on natural ground with older kiddos, and you’ll find the entrance to this forest trail as you step off the escalator exiting the Harbour Front MRT. The Marang Trail leads into Faber Walk, where you’ll find ice-cream vendors, as well as a relaxing spots at The Jewel Box!
The Jewel Box, 109 Mount Faber Road, Singapore 099203, p. 6377 9688. Hours vary depending on The Jewel Box’s variety of dining spots.

Where to Eat: Might be Smart to Pack a Snack
You don’t want to get stuck on this jungle adventure with a hungry little one (or a hungry mummy), so pack a few snacks and lots of water! If you are in the Faber Walk area, parents can enjoy a cold beer, while kids cool down with some ice-cream at The Jewel Box. A great spot for a sit-down meal or coffee just outside the Labrador Nature Reserve, is Prive Cafe at Keppel Bay! They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and even have a small play-house for the little ones.
Prive Cafe, 2 Keppel Bay Vista, Singapore 098382, p. 6776 0777. Open daily 9am-Midnight.