Best international schools in Singapore: A parent’s guide to picking the right school for your family

international schools in Singapore
Whether you're new to Singapore or are looking to change schools, your search for the best international schools in Singapore just got easier...

We’ll be honest: for us, deciding between international schools in Singapore for our kids was up there with one of the toughest decisions we ever had to make. Sleepless nights, weeks – if not months – of stress, not to mention endless school tours and hours spent figuring out budgets, making curriculum comparisons and reading parent testimonials. It wasn’t easy to get to that all-important decision. Well, good folk of Singapore, your search for your own shortlist of the best international schools in Singapore just got a tad easier. We’ve done the groundwork for you and it’s all here in one handy read.

HoneyKids School Selector: the best tool for narrowing down your list of international schools in Singapore

First off, let us steer you in the direction of our school comparison tool: the HoneyKids School Selector. You’ll find a ton of useful info there, as well as those aforementioned testimonials and school profiles ranging from preschools through to high schools. You can also filter school choices by all the important factors: locationschool fees, curriculumsclass size and language programmes. Use School Selector to narrow your school search field and even do side by side comparisons before you head out to look at your top choices. The best school in Singapore for your child – and your family – is waiting, and the search starts now with HoneyKids School Selector.

HoneyKids International School Fair with HSBC

Event Day Registration: HoneyKids Asia International School Fair with HSBC

Since 2017, we’ve been hosting the HoneyKids International School Fair with HSBC (the people to speak to when it comes to the financial aspects of schooling), and we bring together more than 20 of the best international schools and preschools in Singapore under one roof, at one time.

The fair welcomes families to come along – for free – to speak to admissions officers, principals and key staff from schools for kids of all ages, and we know from all the wonderful feedback just how helpful these fairs have been to so many previously bewildered parents. The HoneyKids International School Fair with HSBC also hosts panel talks where parents can listen in on discussions about useful topics including raising global citizens, the importance of early years education, bilingualism for kids and curriculums explained. And the good news? The next one is coming on Saturday 28th September 2019. Mark it in your diary, stat!

In the meantime, do take a look at the videos from our previous fairs for an idea of just how useful these events really are:

HoneyKids International School Fair with HSBC: 18 November 2017
HoneyKids International School Fair with HSBC: March 2018
HoneyKids International School Fair with HSBC: 29 September 2018
HoneyKids International School Fair with HSBC: 16 March 2019

What’s on in the schools this month?

best international schools in Singapore

We’ve been busy rounding up ALL the open houses, in-school events, playgroups, coffee mornings, meet-the-teacher sessions and useful dates you need to know about in the best international schools in Singapore. Keep an eye out for our monthly guide – published the last week of every month – so you know exactly when that school tour you wanted to take is happening.

Parent testimonials

We think that the opinions that hold the most store are the ones from the people who really know a school: the parents of pupils! Lucky for you, we have plenty of parent testimonials and videos from some of the very best international schools in Singapore, including:

Australian International School (AIS): Dawn Tan
Canadian International School (CIS): Anita Bartholomeusz
German European School Singapore (GESS): Ana Carla Martins
GEMS World Academy (Singapore): Lotus Mackie
Stamford American International School: Miriam and Andrew Acquaah-Harrison
Nexus International School (Singapore): Michela Zanata and Nicholas Lee
Singapore American School: Georgina Bach
One World International School (OWIS): Wendy Riddell
EtonHouse International School Broadrick: Maria Ricucci
EtonHouse International School Orchard: Mikkel and Mette Rasmussen
Dover Court International School: Sheona Stevenson
Blue House Nursery and International Preschool: Kylie Thévenau
Tanglin Trust School: Kerry Allen
United World College South East Asia (UWCSEA): Liz Jackson
Global Indian International School (GIIS): Dinish and Jubi
Integrated International School (IIS):Pieter and Liesbeth Goudriaan
White Lodge Preschool: Chris Edwards
Shaws Preschool: Lydia Janssen
Pat’s Schoolhouse: Rachel Ong
Learning Vision Preschool: James Rigg
Singapore American School: Tom and Valerie Gan Garry

Principal/teacher interviews

Chatting with teachers, admission officers and principals really gives parents an insight into an international school’s ethos and learning culture, so when you take a school tour, do make sure you chat with as many key staff members as you can. In the meantime, we’ve already been grilling the principals and heads of departments at these international schools in Singapore…

Dover Court International School: Christopher Short
One World International School (OWIS): Michelle Dickinson
Global Indian International School (GIIS): Melissa Maria and Madhu Khanna
Australian International School (AIS): Andre Casson
Nexus International School (Singapore): Judy Cooper
German European School Singapore (GESS): Christoph Zanglein
Stamford American International School (SAIS): Andrew Hancock
Odyssey Wilkinson: Alice Alagan
Brighton Montessori Preschool: Suzee Reza
GEMS World Academy (Singapore): Richard Henry

A peek inside…


We’ve also been busy hanging out at the international schools capturing a virtual peek inside, on video! Check out all sorts of school related video including school tours, classroom experiences and more:

Hillside World Academy (HWA): Bicultural life at HWA
Nexus International School (Singapore): A day in the life of a Nexus student
Nexus International School (Singapore): First day of school
Nexus International School (Singapore): Bubble creation lab
Nexus International School (Singapore): Music lessons to try at home
Nexus International School (Singapore): Rainy day craft – make a hologram at home
Nexus International School (Singapore): Teaching your kids to swim with confidence
Nexus International School (Singapore): Open Classrooms
One World International School (OWIS): Kindness is key
Singapore American School (SAS): A school where learning is cool
Singapore American School (SAS): Raising global citizens
German European School Singapore (GESS): Learning opps abound for preschoolers
Integrated International School (IIS): Why students love life at IIS
Australian International School (AIS): Transitioning between grades made easy
Australian International School (AIS): This is what a Reggio-Emilia school looks like
Canadian International School (CIS): The benefits of bilingualism
Canadian International School (CIS): The STEAM programme at CIS
EtonHouse International School: More than just a primary school
EtonHouse International School: Creating happy families in a school that cares
EtonHouse International School: The lowdown on EtonHouse’s SMART programme
Blue House Nursery and International Preschool: A place where little ones are inspired to learn
Stamford American International School (SAIS): Portrait of a sports champion
GEMS World Academy (Singapore): Meet the awesome teachers of GEMS World Academy (Singapore)
GIIS SMART Campus: Discover a school for the 21st century

Burning education questions addressed by the schools

international schools in Singapore

Picking a school is a minefield, and the most pressing questions that keep you awake at night are probably covered right here at HoneyKids Asia. We’ve been posing some of those all-important topics to some of the best international schools in Singapore, and here’s what they collectively have to say on these subjects:

Language and learning
The benefits of bilingualism and how to help your child succeed
Raising science-loving kids in Singapore
The language programs that make students feel right at home
Here’s how to get your child to enjoy Maths

Guide to international school curriculums in Singapore
IB explained: International Baccalaureate 101
International vs local school: which system suits your child best?

Learning and emotional support
International schools in Singapore that offer learning support
Early intervention and inclusive preschools
Getting your child assessed for learning difficulties, special needs or behaviour issues in Singapore
Bullying in school: how to handle it as a parent
Parent support at Singapore’s international schools

International schools and preschools by location
Preschools in the west of Singapore 
Preschools in the central area of Singapore
Preschools in the east of Singapore
Preschools in Sentosa
Your guide to international schools by location
International schools in Singapore on the move

Homework, exams and activities beyond the classroom
After school clubs for kids: Brownies, Scouts, cadets and more
Encouraging little ones to love reading
How to help your kids with homework
The big homework debate: How much is too much?
Helping kids keep cool under exam pressure
How to prevent school holiday brain drain
School holiday reading list as suggested by schools
Volunteering programmes for kids in schools

Useful info for parents
Your checklist of questions for your next school tour
How easy it if for my child to change schools during high school years?
Glossary of Singapore school acronyms
International school in Singapore: What does it really cost?
International school holiday dates for 2019
First day of school? Here’s how to help your child settle in
The international schools in Singapore who are thinking green
Here’s how to tell if your little one is ready for preschool
The international schools offering sibling discounts
Understanding early years education


But wait! There’s more! 

If you haven’t got link click fatigue by now then we’ve still got more useful stuff for you (see, we told you this was the only guide you would need!). Not only are the international schools in this fair land excellent, but they’re full of experts too. And with expert people come expert tips:

Tanglin Trust School: How to get kids to make healthier food choices
Tanglin Trust School: Teaching kids to ride a bike
Tanglin Trust School: How to raise tech-loving kids
Tanglin Trust School: Encouraging little ones to love reading
Blue House Nursery and International Preschool: Tips on how to make potty training easier for all
Blue House Nursery and International Preschool: Is your child ready for full days in school?
GEMS World Academy (Singapore): Independent learning through the Middle Years Programme (MYP) personal projects
GEMS World Academy (Singapore): Why the sports field is as important as the classroom
GEMS World Academy (Singapore): How to raise confident kids
Canadian International School (CIS): Why children should be learning languages

Now get yourself over to the HoneyKids School Selector to start your shortlist mission, and then RSVP for the International School Fair with HSBC to meet the schools you want to know more about on 28 September.

Parents: you’re all set. You’ve got this.

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