Interview: holistic learning with the principals at Global Indian International School

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Want to know what goes on behind the scenes at Global Indian International School? Watch our video for a peek into student life on campus, plus interviews with the school’s lovely principals…

There are tons of international schools that pride themselves on having a solid curriculum, but we all know a quality school encompasses more than that. A holistic learning environment is so important, and that’s exactly what Global Indian International School (GIIS) brings to the table. How do we know? From our first-hand look at a day on campus, of course!

We also got the chance to interview GIIS East Coast Principal, Ms Melissa Maria, and Queenstown Principal Ms. Madhu Khanna. These lovely ladies have got some pretty impressive credentials – Melissa has more than 24 years of education experience, and Madhu holds a Master of Philosophy in Education. They shared their thoughts on what makes GIIS stand out, its teaching approach, and how the school nurtures market-ready students through a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation.

Check out our video below for more!


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