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Blue House makes full days at school worry-free for parents with its personalised programme

We all know that our kids have to eventually go to school full-time, but what about before that? It’s completely normal to feel anxious about transitioning your tot to a full-time programme, especially when they still seem so little (for many dual income families and expats without family nearby to assist, it’s often a necessity!). But you shouldn’t be worried.

According to Blue House Nursery and International Preschool’s Head of School Sarah Woon, the more time children spend in the right school environment at the right time, the more they “grow in confidence and independence, taking risks through their developing trust in their environment and the people in it.” They also learn to connect with others and explore new scopes of learning. Although it may be tough to admit, your little one may be more ready for a whole day of school than you are!

If there’s anything we know about Blue House, it’s that they respect and acknowledge the needs of every child. Everything is built around their Reggio Emilia approach to learning, where children learn by actively discovering information through the world around them. It’s a nurturing environment with the lowest educator to student ratios in Singapore that kids truly enjoy being a part of; it’s not hard to imagine that they’d want to spend the whole day there! But don’t just take our word for it, take a peek for yourself!

Blue House Nursery and International Preschool

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Posted by HoneyKids Asia on Monday, 4 December 2017

Think your child is ready for full days or looking for a full day solution? Blue House has launched a Full Day programme for children from 18 months to three years old that starts in January 2019. This means all children from 18 months onwards can attend an optional morning or full day programme, either two, three or five days a week. Worried about your little one’s naptime? Blue House aims to make it as similar as their own routines as possible. They’ll have their own scented slumber space with soft lighting, a pre-nap book and even soft music to create a warm and supportive environment! And if your tot refuses or prefers not to nap, they can take a little break with a book or a quiet time activity of their choosing with a supportive team of educators.

If you’re looking for a full day programme that respects your child, their needs and your way of parenting, perhaps you should consider Blue House. As with all Blue House programmes, you can be assured that your child will receive the comfort, support, attention and security they would receive from parents and caregivers in their own homes all while benefiting from the Reggio Emilia learning philosophy that acknowledges children’s stages of development and learning across the physical, social, emotional, creative and cognitive domains.

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