Easy musical games to play at home, recommended by Nexus International School (Singapore)

Trying to instil a love for music in your mini-me? We ask the experts at Nexus International School (Singapore) to give us some top tips…

If you have tiny humans at home, then you already know that watching your offspring dance to a tune, sing a little ditty or make up a song that doesn’t make any sense is a definite parenting highlight.

Developing a passion for creativity at a young age is key at the lovely community-driven Nexus International School (Singapore). And we’ve been picking up tips on how parents can harness a love of music by using easy games and activities to encourage rhythm and tone in even the tiniest of maestros.

Dive into our cute video to find out why we wish our music lessons had been this cool when we were growing up. And how this caring school helps nurture a love for the arts in kids (and grown ups!) of all ages…

How can we encourage our littlies to love music?
A solid curriculum is a vital part of choosing the right school, but for a lifelong love of learning, it’s the other elements that really sets a school apart from the rest.

Finding a school that really cares about a student’s wellbeing and holistic development, as well as their educational journey, is something many parents look for when picking the right fit for their kids.

We’ve long had a soft spot for Nexus International School (Singapore) – it already charmed us with expert tips on how to encourage ‘lil ones to swim, and now we’re bowled over after hanging out with music teacher, Christopher Jung. Nexus International School (Singapore) firmly believe that happy kids learn better, and education doesn’t only happen in the classroom. Keen young minds soak up information ALL the time, and music can really help with emotional, physical and psychological development.

Christopher shares easy games for parents to try at home with their ‘lil ones to inspire and foster their innate musicality. Who knows, it may even help some of us discover that we aren’t tone deaf after all!

Quiet is not a word ever used in a fun music lesson at Nexus International School (Singapore)!

You won’t need much equipment, and the steps are easy peasy to follow (our video has full instructions AND a beautiful demo by the adorable Nexus International School (Singapore) pupils):

Pitch writing: Grab a piece of paper, a pen and some soft toys to teach the kiddos all about pitch.

Animal rhythm: Paper, a pair of scissors and a knack for cutting out paper animals is all you need. The kids won’t care if your elephant looks more like a giraffe! This one is also great for memory skills.

Round and round the garden: Inquisitive minds and bonding with playmates are the name of the game here. This is a super simple activity that requires nothing more than big smiles.

Have fun and make some noise!

This post is sponsored by Nexus International School (Singapore)