VIDEO: First day of school jitters? Nexus International School (Singapore) shows us how to ace those nerves

Starting school is a big deal, but Nexus International School knows how to make things easier for its students AND parents!

And just like that the summer has whizzed by in the blink of an eye. The lazy days at the beach, craft projects aplenty and bubble-making fun has sadly, for now, come to an end. But with August almost upon us, there are still plenty of new adventures ahead, because international schools all over Singapore are about to start a brand new school year. Shiny backpacks, fun things to learn, new friends to make and teachers to meet, it’s an exciting time for sure. But that excitement can often be tinged with nerves if it’s the very first day of school… And who is this momentous occasion hardest on? The kids or the parents? The jury’s still out, but we’ve been speaking to a school who makes it as easy as possible for everyone. So, goodbye new school nerves, and hello Nexus International School (Singapore)’s handy tips for acing the first day of school.

How to conquer first day nerves

The good folks at Nexus International School (Singapore) get it. It’s seen many tears at the school gate, but it’s come up with plenty of tips and tricks for parents and students on how to get through those first wobbly moments, relatively tear free! Seeing is believing so check out the Nexus International School (Singapore)’s adorable video featuring a real student, a real mum and plenty of easy ideas for everyone to feel good about the approach of the first day of school…


First Day Of School – Nexus International School Singapore

Ah, the first day of school…an equally nerve-wracking and exciting day for all. Check out how the good folk at Nexus International School, Singapore help kids (and parents) deal with first day of school jitters!#nexusinternationalschool #sponsored

Posted by HoneyKids Asia on Sunday, 5 August 2018

Nexus International School Singapore: A school with a strong community spirit

Whether your little ones (or your not so little ones) are new to the school, or are just moving grades, the first day in school is a big deal. Nexus International School (Singapore) knows exactly how the children feel – and the parents too – which is why they love to ease families into the environment with a special orientation session. Senior teachers will be on hand to answer questions, get to know your family and walk you through what will happen on that all-important first day.

And when the big day rolls around? There’’ll be no ‘throwing in the deep end’ to worry about: younger students can bring a special toy from home to keep them company on their adventure, and older kiddos will have a buddy system in place to help spark those early friendships. Just a snippet of the cool measures Nexus International School (Singapore) takes to ensure an easy transition for everyone, and to help foster the community spirit for which it’s known so well.

An inclusive, innovative learning experience for all  

What is one of the top priorities for teachers at Nexus International School (Singapore) when it comes to learning approach? Fun! Engaged, happy students are keen students, after all. From engineering awesome science experiments to encouraging a love for music through play-based learning, the school has a creative approach that parents will appreciate as much as the kids. And let’s just take a moment to talk about its Makerspace… 3D printers, laser cutters, green screens and every tool a child could ever need to get creative with, this is the space where projects will be brought to a whole new level of life! In fact, this is where some of the bigger kids recently held an exhibition on ‘Green Technology’, where they invented mobile-phone charging shoes and recycled their own water! Can we be kids again, please?

A school that’s proud to be different  

With students from over 50 different countries, an internationally recognised curriculum, and more accreditations than you can shake a stick at, Nexus International School (Singapore) knows exactly how to create an authentic and enjoyable learning experience that sets it apart from other schools. You only need to step foot inside the campus to see for yourself how adaptable, flexible and collaborative the learning journey is here.

But don’t take our word for it, play that video again and just look at how much happiness there is on little Zoe’s face when it comes to being part of a school she loves. What student wouldn’t want to be part of such a cool learning and exploration adventure?

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