Nurturing sporting talent in kids: expert panel with Stamford American’s top coaches

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We chat to students Max Silver and Levente Abraham, World Cup qualifiers, to find out how Stamford American nurtures sporting talent...

If you’re looking for a school that places a strong emphasis on both academics and sports, it’s hard to look past Stamford American International School. Stamford American combines the best of both worlds – the International Baccalaureate (IB) and American curriculums, together with an extensive Sports Program which provides equal sporting opportunities for all ages. No matter the passion, there’s something for everyone with over 90 competitive sports teams including swimming, gymnastics, soccer and many more. Find out more about the rich diversity of the Stamford Sports Program at their upcoming Expert Panel Series: “Sports Coaching for Character”.

Playing sports doesn’t just train your body, it also trains your brain
As parents, many of us tend to focus more on academics than sports. However, as a growing number of studies have shown, children who are involved in sports are more likely to be successful in life. How? Playing sports involves connection of both the body and the brain, which is important for all-round success. A good approach to sports develops core values of community and emotional intelligence, promoting growth by fostering the development of character, life skills, teamwork and respect. These are the values the Stamford Sports Program instills in their students, above and beyond the ‘success’ of winning.

Meet Max and Levente
Max (Grade 11) and Levente (Grade 9) are two members of Stamford’s High Performance Swimming team. Although just 16 and 14 years old respectively, they recently qualified to compete in the prestigious FINA Swimming World Cup here in Singapore. Fantastic accomplishment, boys! Levente was even the youngest swimmer at the meet to compete. Max ranked in the Top 20 in three events and both boys had a 100% improvement to their personal record times. Even while competing at the highest level, these boys stay grounded in comradery and truly embody the Stamford American spirit. Swimming has motivated Max and Levente to reach for their dreams through goal setting and hard work along with the support of their swim coach, and families.

Portrait of a sports champion

Our interview with Max and Levente, two Stamford swimmers who’ve competed on an international level, has got us pumped for Stamford American’s Expert Sports Panel on nurturing sporting talent in kids. Hear first-hand tips from top coaches, it’s happening on 19th Jan, so book your place today!

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Opportunities to compete locally and regionally
Match practice is critical for realising sporting ambitions and Stamford American International School ensures their students get plenty of practice during their three athletic seasons every year. As a member of the prestigious South East Asia Student Activities Conference (SEASAC) and Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools (ACSIS), opportunities for healthy competition and match play is readily available against other international schools in Singapore and across the region. Their stats are nothing to sneeze at so if you have kids looking to be part of a team full of Lions pride, this could just be the place for you.

Want to learn more? Be part of the upcoming Stamford’s expert panel series on 19 January and tap the brains of four top sports coaches, mentored by Athletics Director, Paul Hodgkinson. Topics covered include the benefits of sports, how to nurture sports confidence in students from beginners to Varsity Elite and what specialist coaching is available at Stamford American.

Book your place today for the Expert Sports Panel, happening on Friday, 19 January, which includes a school tour, and connect with Stamford’s school life.

When: Friday, 19 January
Where: 1 Woodleigh Lane (Off Upper Serangoon Road), Singapore 357684
Book your spot: Open House, expert panel, campus tour of Stamford American International School

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