Parent review of Canadian International School Lakeside campus: Anita Bartholomeusz shares her testimonial

Canadian International School Lakeside Parent testimonial HoneyKids Asia

Just when you feel you are done with making choices about which cot, breast pump, diaper brand, and non-BPA cutlery you need, it’s time to send your progeny to school. Time does fly supersonically! A good addition to your shortlist when you’re choosing the best school in Singapore for your family is Canadian international School (CIS), a leading international IB school in Singapore. Its beautiful Lakeside campus has classes from pre-kindergarten to Grade 12, and the school is loved for its emphasis on expanding learning to experiences outside the classroom. We spoke to Anita Bartholomeusz, who has been a part of the CIS Lakeside community for eight years and is mum of three gorgeous girls, Julia and twin sisters Nina and Georgia.

Can you tell us about your children attending Canadian International School?
I have three children attending the CIS Lakeside campus. The eldest Julia is in Grade 10, and twin girls Nina and Georgia are in Grade 6.

Canadian International School Lakeside Parent Testimonial HoneyKids Asia

Anita’s daughters Georgia, Julia and Nina enjoy the school’s innovative teaching methods

What were the most important factors for you in selecting a school in Singapore?
The school curriculum was an important factor: I was keen on the girls studying in the IB Curriculum. The parent and school community was another important factor.  I also looked for diversity – I wanted a real mix of nationalities so my children wouldn’t be in the minority.

How has the school lived up to your expectations?
As a parent at CIS for eight years now, we have experienced lots of changes. However, the school has lived up to our expectations and most importantly, we are happy with how much our kids love it. 

What do your children like most about CIS Lakeside?
They love their teachers, and the fact that they have fun every day. The teaching methods make the curriculum interesting, even if the subjects seem hard. They are never bored, and never seem to have a bad day!

What sort of curriculum does this school offer?
CIS offers the IB program, which is classified into the Primary Year Program, Middle Year Program, & Diploma Program.

Do your children participate in any extra-curricular activities at the school?
Yes, they do. My younger children, Georgia and Nina, play netball and my older daughter Julia participates in Model United Nations and is on the Student Council.

Canadian international school Lakeside campus parent testimonial Honeykids asia

Anita with her daughters Julia, Nina and Georgia

What advice would you give other parents trying to choose a school?
Be very clear about which curriculum you want. Also, it’s good to understand that no one school is suitable for every child. Pick the school which is best for your child and his/her personality, not necessarily one that is most popular, or that everyone says you should enrol your kids in.

What do you value most about the school?
CIS maintains a truly diverse international community, and I think that is what I value most about the school.

Are you satisfied with the level of communication you receive from the school and how they engage parents?
Yes, there is a variety of ways the school communicates with the parents.  The most important I think is the ‘Week at a Glance’ newsletter, which I make a point to read to find out what important events happened in school during the week, and to make sure I know what’s coming up.

How much homework is expected of your children?
My daughter Julia in Grade 10 has about two hours of homework every day. The twins, Nina and Georgia in Grade 6 have about an hour of homework every day, which includes 30 minutes of reading time.

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