Parent review of White Lodge Preschool Singapore: Meet Chris Edwards

White Lodge’s happy learning environment is why HoneyKids founder Chris Edwards loves White Lodge Preschool

So here it finally is. The day your little one is finally ready to start preschool. You’re anxious, stressed and you feel like you’re completely unprepared to begin your toddler’s journey into childhood. Don’t worry – every parent feels this way when they realize that their baby is finally growing up. These feelings of anxiety are exactly why choosing the right preschool for your tot is one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

Here at HoneyKids we believe that getting the inside scoop from other parents helps make this stressful task more bearable. We had a chat with fellow mum Chris Edwards – who also happens to be the founder of Honeykids (yay Chris!) about her experiences at White Lodge International Preschool & Kindergarten in Singapore, where she’s enrolled her three children, Evie, Louis and Darcy over the past few years. Read on to find out why White Lodge has been her preschool of choice.

Hi Chris, please tell us about your children?
Currently, I have Darcy, my three-year-old attending White Lodge. Before Darcy, my two elder children Evie and Louis were enrolled at White Lodge.

What were the most important factors for you in selecting a preschool?
For me, it was the positive learning environment of the school: White Lodge has a good vibe, with happy kids and happy teachers. The facilities of the school are clean and well kept, with indoor play areas as well as great outdoor play areas.

How has the school lived up to your expectations?
The teachers have been wonderful. They’re very caring and nurturing, and they’re invested in our kids’ learning, overall development and happiness. The school is also very flexible and has a lovely community spirit. I particularly value the staff; they’re genuinely loving people who are passionate educators too.

Darcy loves the outdoor play area at White Lodge!

What does your child like most about attending this school?
My son Darcy loves painting, singing and playing with his friends. He also loves Miss Santi, his teacher.

What sort of curriculum does this school offer?
White Lodge offers a play-based curriculum with a great Mandarin and reading program too. Our eldest kids were very well prepared for ‘big school’, and even now they’re doing well, especially in Mandarin, as they have a good foundation from White Lodge. I also like the level of reading that is encouraged at White Lodge. The kids come home with a great love of reading and are super proud of their take-home readers to share with us parents each week.

HoneyKids founder Chris Edwards loves the good vibes at White Lodge!

What advice would you give other parents trying to choose a school?
I think you need to go and visit the schools and speak with the teachers. You should also observe the students, then go with your gut feeling.

Are you satisfied with the level of communication you receive from the school and how they engage parents?
Yes, we get weekly newsletters and the principal is always there every morning at the school entrance to greet and chat with you, which is a really nice touch!

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