At OWIS, your child will receive a values-based education, where kindness is key

OWIS fosters an environment where our children are taught to embrace values like kindness and resilience, so they’ll be ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Step onto the campus at One World International School (OWIS) and you’ll understand why it’s known as the kindest school. With a diverse student and teaching population, everyone is working towards the same goal.

“From the very first day the children come into the Early Years Department, we embed and instill the ethos of kindness in everything that they do, in every way that they behave, in every way that they act. We praise children if we see kind acts being done”, says Dawn Ross, Early Childhood Sr. Co-ordinator & EC3 Class Teacher.

Inside the school you’ll even find Kindness Trees, made up of students’ handprints. Children are nominated by fellow students or teachers for demonstrating acts of kindness and they then contribute their handprints as leaves on their Kindness Tree. Check out our cool video to see how the children and teachers promote kindness in their community:

Kindess at OWIS

Want a school that not only meets your child’s academic needs, but also instills values like kindness and resilience? Check out One World International School (OWIS)…

Posted by HoneyKids Asia on Thursday, 25 October 2018

OWIS’ values-based education not only sets children up to be internationally minded, but also to be lifelong learners, which we all know is so important in today’s ever-changing world. Even its school motto, ‘One with the world’ resonates the idea that our children are so much more than simply grades or results.

OWIS Head, Michelle Dickinson says, ‘We believe in inclusive education; concept-driven and hands-on experiential learning; and helping children to be resilient learners.’ This is aligned with the OWIS curricula, the IB PYP and underpinned by British National Curriculum standards and expectations leading to UK Cambridge Curriculum for middle school and IGCSEs in Grades 9 and 10.

We love that the teachers at OWIS take the time to connect with each child to help them thrive academically as well as holistically. They nurture every child to understand their personality and what makes them tick, so they can get a true sense of how that child will best reach their full potential.

Spread out over 3.2 hectares, the OWIS Nanyang campus is impressive too. With a range of indoor and outdoor learning spaces, there really is something for every child. It also has tailored learning spaces for studies in entrepreneurship, performing arts, visual arts, technology and robotics. Sounds like our kinda school!

But if you think that this level of education is going to land you with an eye-watering yearly tuition fee, you’d be wrong! The moderate fee structure at OWIS means that your kids will receive a top-notch education without the top-shelf price tag.

So when you’re thinking about that well-rounded education you want for your children and about the importance of values-based education for 21st century kids, make One World International School a first port of call.


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