VIDEO: Here’s why GIIS SMART Campus is a school for the 21st century

Discover why we’re geeking out over at GIIS’s brand new uber SMART Campus

In the past, we’ve raved about the holistic learning approach at GIIS and how it sets its students up for success by providing them with the curriculum, teaching approach and extra-curricular activities that suit them best. But when we heard about GIIS’ brand new SMART Campus, we were intrigued. A school with all the bells and whistles, ready for the next generation of 21st century kids? We just had to check it out for ourselves (and we took our cameras along too)!…

An inside look at GIIS SMART Campus

Ever wanted to know what a NextGen campus looks like? Take a peek at our video to learn more about the GIIS, SMART Campus – Punggol, Singapore SMART Campus and all the tech-savvy coolness that comes along with it.

Posted by HoneyKids Asia on Wednesday, 27 February 2019

A brand-new campus with state-of-the-art technology

As parents, it’s important that we arm our children with all the right tools they need to thrive in today’s modern world. At GIIS, students are encouraged to innovate and imagine in digital classrooms that have the latest teaching and learning tools. There’s also the option to turn classrooms into flexible learning spaces – all accoustically enhanced to boot!

A whole new world of learning

At the SMART Campus, learning is taken to the next level with a digitally powered learning environment. Students can experience what it’s like to be radio presenters at the school’s Radio Station or express themselves at the TV Studio. If you’ve got budding chefs in the family, their talents will be nurtured at the Culinary Lab, where students can get hands-on cooking experience in a dedicated kitchen. Pretty cool for a school, we think!

A place that puts your worries at ease

Running a large campus with more than 3500 students is no easy feat, but at GIIS SMART Campus, parents can relax in the knowledge that each student checks in via a super cool Facial Recognition System. There’re also over 600 CCTV cameras across the campus that monitor in-campus movements using AI to deliver instant communication in the event of security concerns – super high tech stuff!

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