What to do with kids on a rainy day in Singapore

What to do with kids on a rainy Singapore day HoneyKids Asia
Rainy Singapore days call for a bucketload of ideas for the kids. This is a boredom-free zone!

The rain has settled in, the kids are getting ratty, and you’re this close to giving them away. Don’t fret. We’ve got 50+1 rainy day activities to keep your kids busy (and hopefully out of your hair) on these wet Singapore afternoons, and when you’ve worked your way through this list, move swiftly on to our mega 100 indoor activities guide.

1. Let the kids loose with playdough; roll it, squash it, mould it, cut it, but don’t eat it. Don’t have any playdough in the house? Make your own with this easy recipes by checking out our guide to DIY playdough and slime.

2. Rainy afternoons are perfect for baking, the kids can help mix, measure, and pour. Keep it simple and quick with recipes that have short cooking times, like banana choc chip muffins or crispy and delicious sausage rolls.

3. Set up an indoor bowling centre with these easy instructions by This Mumma’s Life. Blocks can be used as ‘pins’ and any soft ball becomes a bowling ball!

4. Challenge your littlie to use every single piece of road or train track they own to make a big mega track. Head over to The Imagination Tree for instructions on how to make your own.

5. Keep a few sticker and colouring books on hand. The perfect way for bored kids to keep busy practicing their drawing (and sticking) skills.

6. Create a treasure map and hide objects around the house. Get the kids to locate the ‘treasure’. Reading Confetti has some cool ideas.

7. Brave the rain and head to your nearest indoor play centre. Best to remember the socks!

8. Restock the art and craft kit, grab a big sheet of paper plus a few tubs of paint and dive into some finger painting fun. Let the kids unleash their creativity.

9. Cushions, a few old sheets, and a touch of imagination are all you need to transform your living room into a tented adventure.

10. Get the puzzles out and piece them together. Creative and time-consuming (yes!).

11. Head to a pet cafe for an afternoon of the warm and fuzzy feels. Or better still head to an animal shelter and adopt a pet.

12. Pull on your wellies and your rain macs, get outside and use the opportunity of a rainy afternoon to let kids play in the puddles and mud, Peppa Pig style!

13. Get crafty with your toilet rolls and create a Disney Princess or a pet snake out of a humble tube of cardboard.

14. Go swimming! It’s raining anyway so why not let the children paddle in the pool? Watch out for lightening though!

15. Rummage through your donation piles and dig out some old clothes. Kiddos will love a dress-up sesh to bring out their inner fashionista.

16. Grab a cab and head to your nearest cinema. There are tons of awesome blockbuster movies hitting the silver screen this year.

17. Can’t be bothered to battle the weather? Dust off the old movies and create a cinema at home. Work your way through our list of the best flicks for families of all time.

18. Head to a lovely children’s book store: they often have reading corners where you can snuggle up and read a wonderful classic tale or two.

19. There is fun to be had in old school simplicity. Play a retro game that kids of all ages will love: hide and seek is always a winner. Extra points for kids who can count to twenty without peeking.

20. Say hello to Grandma and set up a Skype call with family.

21. It might be raining outside, but chances are the temp is still hot. Cool things down by making these delicious homemade popsicles.

22. A shoe box and a packet of rubber bands and you have yourself a DIY guitar. Follow these instructions by PBS and rock on with a DIY music lesson.

23. Teach the children yoga – kids are naturals. Get the kids into poses like cobra and down facing dog and all find your inner peace.

24. Find an all you can eat buffet. Compete to see who lasts the longest. Save some money too by checking out these places around Singapore where kids eat free.

25. Once you’ve exhausted the craft box and have made mini-chefs of the kids in the kitchen, wind down with a bit of screen time: we’re loving these educational but fun tv shows aimed at preschoolers.

26. If you’re hosting a birthday party any time soon, get on top of the party bag situation by making some of these fun DIY favours.

27. Donate your old magazines to the children and let them cut them up to make a collage. Hours of cutting and pasting fun to be had. Take the craft up a notch by turning newspapers into pom poms: we like this tutorial by Apartment Therapy.

28. Forget heading to the parlour for a pedicure with your kids, and turn the kids into mini-manicurists! Hours of fun right there painting toes and fingers.

29. Invite your children’s besties around for a play date: kids won’t let a bit of bad weather stop them from creating havoc with their mates in tow.

30. Great for Mums (and fabulous for the general cleanliness of the place) – clean out the toybox. Create three piles – keep, throw and donate (and when the rain stops… throw and donate!).

31. Recently moved apartments? Save those packing boxes and use them to make a collapsible indoor playhouse. Follow these steps from She Knows. Head over to our guide to turning cardboard boxes into toys for more inspo.

32. A big sheet of paper, a couple of old trucks, and a tub of paint and you have yourself a top-notch art project for your little ones. It’s going to get messy but painting tracks with trucks is fun for everyone!

33. Rescue a few old potatoes and create DIY vegetable stampers. Cut the vegetables in half, create some cool cross-sections, dip in paint, and stamp away. Don’t forget to download a cool app for mums where you can keep all your little one’s masterpieces stored.

34. Dust off the board games and sit down for an afternoon of family game time. Extra wet afternoons call for extra long games like Monopoly (or Snakes and Ladders for younger ones).

35. Don the skates and head towards your nearest ice skating rink to pick up some new skills.

36. Keep little chins up by creating kites at home! Follow instructions by The Simple Parent and wait for a non-rainy day to put your creations to the test. East Coast Park always has a good breeze for kite flying fun.

37. Let your little Vikings use stray cushions (and other handy household objects) to make their own fort. Dads will most likely want in on this one too.

38. Build a cardboard city using old cereal and shoe boxes. We like this fun tutorial by My Small Potatoes, but we say turn the craft session into a mini-geography lesson and look at holidays around Asia: model your city on a destination your little explorer fancies visiting.

39. Lights! Camera! Action! Bring out your kid’s inner thespian and encourage them to dramatise a classic play. Invite their friends over to create a modern day version of The Wizard of Oz, and watch with pride as your little munchkin delivers an Oscar-worthy performance.

40. Share the joy of literacy with your children by spending time writing, decorating, and binding your own picture book. You never know: you could end up published in Singapore!

41. Hit the local art shops – before the rain settles in – and look for moulding clay. Brilliant for small hands to play with and perfect for working on those motor skills.

42. Make the Chinese classic, noodles and soup, and teach the kids how to use chopsticks to eat their noodles. We like these recipes by Mom Junction.

43. Channel your inner Picasso and make your own face paints. Get the details over at Mommypotomus and spend the afternoon painting the kids’ faces!

44. Turn your little ones into Scouts or Brownies, and try some indoor camping. Try Ikea or Decathlon for affordable children’s tents, or have a look at the lovely tee pees at Cuckoo Little Lifestyle.

45. Invest in some indoor chalkboards and keep them aside for wet afternoons. Play games like Hangman or Tic-Tac-Toe.

46. The search for a decent hairdresser in Singapore is real: spend time playing hair salon in Singapore and teach the kids braiding, beading, backcombing and quiffing skills. Make-up tutorial optional extra!

47. Who doesn’t have some pasta shapes sitting around the place? Of course you do. Give them to the little ones and teach them how to string pasta bracelets with this fun tutorial by Teaching Tiny Tots. Wear your macaroni masterpiece with pride.

48. Future textile designers will enjoy making a no-sew bunting. Use creations as party decorations or to brighten up bedrooms. Kids can pick their favourite patterned materials and whip up these buntings by Childhood 101.

49. Simple but oh so noisy – karaoke! Let your kids pick their favourite tunes and belt away. Expect demands for singing lessons when they discover their talents.

50. Small squares and glue sticks equal mosaic fun. Tip: the smaller the squares, the longer it will take your little lovelies to finish their mosaic creations. We are loving this easy tutorial by Let the Children Play.

51. Think tall. Collect all the wooden blocks, Lego and Duplo you can find and set up competitions for your children to see who can build the tallest tower. And then create a DIY Lego storage system to stack it all away in at the end of the day.

Top image: Selina Altomonte

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