Best gaming consoles for kids: PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch

Best gaming consoles for kids in Singapore
If you're thinking about getting a gaming console, here's the best consoles on the market fit for the whole fam...

Parents! It’s time for another lesson in gaming. We already got teens in Singapore to share their favourite gamesbut what would do they prefer to play them on? The more tech-savvy among you probably already know the ins and outs of every gaming console (you played Gameboy and Atari, you were there for the Game Cube!) out there, but you might need a refresher course on the gaming consoles and latest gadgets for kids of today. 

Before we jump in, let’s talk about games…

Console games work a little differently from online games. You can buy a physical copy, or you can buy a digital copy from the online store directly through your gaming console. The only difference is that the games you buy online will only be available on your account and, like apps, you cannot resell them like you would a physical copy. But they are cheaper than the physical copies!

The other thing you need to think about is that some games are console specific. That means if the kiddos were looking forward to playing Super Mario Odyssey and you have an Xbox, you’re going to have some very unhappy kids. Likewise, if the teens planned on playing Halo, you won’t be able to load that up on the PS4. The good news, of course, is that Minecraft is available to play on all consoles. Although if the kiddos wanted to team up to play with their friends, they can’t join an Xbox game with a PS4 or Nintendo Switch. It’s a minefield, for sure!

On to the consoles!

Playstation 4

Best gaming consoles for kids in Singapore

Photography: Playstation

The Sony Playstation 4 is one of the strongest consoles on the market currently. The newest version of the PS4 is the PS4 Pro with 4K resolution for HD gaming (ie prettier pictures) and a 1 terabyte hard drive. You can buy physical copies of games to play on your PS4 or buy them online in the PlayStation Plus store. If you sign up for a PS Plus membership, you’ll even be able to score discounts and free games every month. Definitely the gift that keeps on giving. And, of course, you can access the internet on the PS4 and use apps like YouTube, Netflix and Spotify for all your multi-entertainment needs. Teens might be interested in the streaming and online multiplayer function which allows them to play co-op games with their friends from their home consoles.
Price: from $599

Nintendo Switch

Best gaming consoles for kids in Singaporea Singapore

Photography: Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch isn’t strictly a handheld console as it can also be slotted into a docking port and viewed on your TV to prevent cross-eyes. Its (incidentally, kid-sized) controllers can also be removed to accommodate up to eight players, which means all the kids will be kept fully-entertained at the same time during long car rides and flights. And you can download the free parental control app to control which games your kids can play and set limits on how long and until what time they can play.
Price: from $415

Xbox One S

Best gaming consoles for kids in Singapore

Photography: Xbox

Boasting 1TB worth of storage and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray and 4K video streaming, the Xbox One S has over 1,300 games including Xbox exclusive games. Xbox Live also allows the kids to play with online friends. You can also purchase a monthly subscription to Xbox Game Pass for discounts and early access to games. If dad’s a gamer too, he might want to shell out for the Xbox One X for better graphics and gaming bundles.
Price: from $429

Handheld consoles

Home consoles can hold tons of games and they’re viewable on the big screen, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t exactly lug the whole house on a long-haul journey. Handheld consoles like the original gameboy, are much more travel friendly.

PS Vita

Best gaming consoles for kids in Singapore

Photography: Playstation

You can’t unplug your PS4 and pack it into the luggage without risking more than a few bumps and scrapes, but you can slide a PS Vita into a purse or tot-sized luggages for easy transport. If you have a PS4, that unfinished game of Spider-Man or Fortnite can be played remotely. The PS4 Vita features high-precision dual analog controls, over 1000 games and yup, you can stream Netflix on it too.
Price: from $259

Nintendo 3DS XL

Best gaming consoles for kids in Singapore

Photography: Nintendo

If you caught the Pokemon Sun and Moon wave, you probably already have a Nintendo 3DS. This handy little console comes in a clamshell design that can be folded up for easy storage. You’ll also get to enjoy 3D graphics without the funky glasses and immersive gameplay of over a 1000 games from beloved series including Pokemon, Super Mario, Kirby and even Yokai Watch. As a bonus, Parental Control can restrict 3D mode for kids age six years and under.
Price: From $399

Nintendo 2DS XL

Best gaming consoles for kids in Singapore

Photography: Nintendo

What the Nintendo 2DS XL lacks in 3D visuals, it makes up for in sturdiness. Its two interactive screens are mounted on one panel which means your little gamer is less likely to snap it in half. Along with being easier on the wallet than the 3DS, the 2DS will give you the same streaming capabilities, front and rear cameras and access to 3DS games, apart from newer releases.
Price: from $299


Best gaming consoles for kids in Singapore

Amazon Fire. Photography: Amazon

Nothing really beats a good solid piece of hardware you can lob at the kids so they can play Fruit Ninja or Thomas & Friends. Especially when it comes with those chunky colourful cases for kids to grasp onto easily. Just load it up with free games and they’ll be kept occupied for hours.
Apple iPad ($598 – $2839) and Amazon Fire (US$69.99 – US$159.99)

Happy gaming!

Top image by Corey Motta via Unsplash

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