Four ways to encourage your child to love reading books

Four ways to get your kids interested in reading Honeykids Asia singapore
Is it possible to teach kids to love reading in the digital age? Our verdict: Absolutely! Read on for HoneyKids’ top tips for getting started.

Like it or not, we’re raising our kids in an era where the technology has taken over the world. In this age of smartphones, tablets and computer screens, taking things back to basics and encouraging a love for books seems way more challenging than it used to be. Not to worry though – we’ve got four easy ways to motivate your children to love reading and become little bookworms. Don’t forget to join our very first HoneyKids Readathon too – we’ve compiled a list of book suggestions we think your kids will love!

Have a daily reading ritual
Sometimes, the best way to encourage reading is to make it a habit. Slot in a time of day for a ‘reading ritual’, where the whole family gathers together to read. “Story time is a big part of our evening routine and I pile into my five-year-old’s racing car bed every evening with him and his big sister for books,” says HoneyKids Writer Tracy Tristram. “The kids love hearing new tales, and if we don’t get to the library, sometimes we make a story up together.” To make stories more dynamic, use props like stuffed animals, dolls, finger puppets and hats to act them out with your children, and add voice variations or sound effects as you read aloud together.

Create a reading nook in your home
There’s no place quite like home, especially if your home has a reading nook! Call it a mini-library if you will – a quiet space in the house where your kids can retreat to after a long day (or a long hour, for the tiny tots) and just bury their noses in a book. There’s no need to be an expert interior decorator to put this together. All you really need is a floor rug, a couple of pillows, a good lamp for reading at night, and a book shelf or basket filled with your child’s favourite books. You can also throw in items like stuffed animals or other toys to give the corner a playful vibe.

Make it easy and accessible
So many books, so little time! Luckily, the trusty National Library Board (NLB) Mobile app is here to help! Simply head to, and you’ll be directed to the App Store or Play Store to download the app. Be up to date with the newest book arrivals and get recommended reads for your child. You can even borrow items by scanning the barcodes and keep on top of due dates – all on your phone. Plus, borrowing eBooks or audiobooks is a clinch because they return themselves when the due date is up so don’t even sweat those overdue fines.

Get your kids up to speed on Singapore’s history and current events with NLB’s e-Resources, accessible by on your computer. Login with your myLibraryID, and you’ll be able to access Singapore E-encyclopedia/Infopedia and digital editions of newspapers, literally a library of information at your fingertips. For more information on how to register your mylibraryID, visit

Visit local libraries
Here at HoneyKids, it’s no secret that we frequent our local libraries and see them as sacred wonderlands of adventure and solitude. Why not check out the libraries, and make it a regular weekend outing to look forward to? Here’s a list of some of the most amazing libraries for kids in Singapore, some of which have got movie evenings, art and craft sessions, teen hang-outs and gaming rooms. Enjoy!

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This post is sponsored by National Library Board, as part of the National Reading Movement to encourage people to Read More, Read Widely and Read Together.