Memories to mementos: baby keepsakes that capture those special baby milestones

Before you forget all those magic baby moments, here are a few ideas for creative keepsakes you'll cherish forever...

It’s scary how fast our wee bubs grow up. One minute they’re teeny little freshies in our arms and before you know it they’re going through the terrible twos and turning into threenagers. All those adorable firsts can soon start to become a distant memory – up against the dreaded Mum Brain, they don’t stand much of a chance of being permanently retained in the ol’ grey matter! If, like us, you’re a hopeless sentimentalist and want to remember all those moments, then why not try some of these ideas for baby keepsakes so you’ll be able to cherish your bub’s early years for decades to come?

Keep a scrapbook or journal

Keep a written record of all those everyday moments – they’re only this young once! Photography: Amy Potter

Doodles, notes, little bullet points of all the everyday things you’d normally forget… you can be as in-depth or brief as you choose for this baby keepsake. For my firstborn, I kept a full-on, jam-packed journal of photos, stickers, first words, favourite lullaby lyrics and more. While I kept up the habit for my daughter’s first two years, I succumbed to Second Child Syndrome when my son came along (eeek!). Sound like the hobby for you? You’re in a crafter’s paradise here in Singapore – there are so many gorgeous scrapbook supply and craft stores that it’s easy to get carried away.

Make a photo album

One plus of the digital age means we’re never without our phones (and therefore a camera). The downside means megabyte after megabyte of memory – and thousands of files we never seem to do anything with. Go old school and print your favourite snaps out, before making an album of your baby’s first year. You could also look into more unique ways of showcasing your favourite snaps, like creating a montage out of your Instagram pics, making a personalised set of playing cards or jigsaw puzzles. Or make a photobook using one of Singapore’s many online sites.

Stitch together a patchwork quilt

baby memories patchwork quilt

Bit of a sewer? Use favourite items of your kids’ clothing or other special fabric to make a patchwork quilt. Photography: Amy Potter

Fancy yourself as a whizz on the sewing machine? As your bubs outgrow each batch of clothing, go through the pieces (before donating them to charity, obvs) and save all your absolute favourites. It could be a pattern you adore, a special outfit that brings back lovely memories, some gorgeous embroidery and so on. Then cut out squares from the fabric and sew them into a keepsake quilt. I love the idea that when my kids are older, they can each have their own quilt where each square tells a story.

Pen some letters from the heart

Every birthday, sit down and write a heartfelt letter to your child – it can be a reflective look back at the year that was, what you hope for their future, or just little memories you want to remember. Pick up some beautiful stationery to make the process even cuter, or check out the gorgeous little books of letters published by Chronicle Books that act as paper time capsules. We’re big fans – so much so that we’re stocking up with versions for the rest of the family!

Add to a memory box

baby keepsakes

A memory box is a super-easy way to keep hold of all your baby paraphernalia. Photography: Amy Potter.

It doesn’t really get any easier than this: get a box, fill it. Add little baby keepsakes to remember your bub’s early years, such as their hospital wristband, their first pair of shoes, some of your favourite clothes of theirs, a snip of hair from their first trip to the hairdressers, birthday cards from loved ones, pieces of art… the list goes on. It’s so special to take a look back over treasured pieces every now and again.

Use milestone cards and stickers

It might seem a pain at the time but it’s lovely to reminisce about how your precious little one changed from month to month. Especially once they’ve lost their squishy newborn looks forever! There are so many milestone cards out there that you’ll literally be spoilt for choice – other than marking their age, some go as far as capturing first smiles, first steps and so on. There are also handy milestone stickers that adhere to bub’s clothing. If you’re a bit of a perfectionist, they’ll save the frustration of those little fists scrunching up the pristine card!

Treasure those tiny hand and footprints

Trust us: you’ll forget how small they ever were! Capture those impossibly small, itty-bitty fingers and toes with an impression using a clay or plaster kit. Better yet, try a baby-safe ink set like Pearhead’s, which is mess-free: no ink makes it on your little one’s hands or feet, which we love. You can also turn those teeny handprints into some gorgeous personalised jewelleryScribble Jewellery and Etsy are both worth a look.

Start a height chart

You may have stood against the doorframe as a kid yourself while your parents measured your super-speedy growing skills, so why not repeat the tradition yourself? In rental properties here in Singapore, you won’t want to make any permanent marks on the walls so, instead, invest in a cheap-and-cheerful strip of wood that you can easily take with you once you move homes. Check out Pinterest for some DIY growth chart inspo and let your imagination run wild.

Top image: photography by Shitota Yuri via Unsplash

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