Reclaim your fridge! Check out these five innovative ways to display kids’ art at home

fridge kids drawing art
All those artworks, so little fridge space. Here’s how to show off your mini Monet’s and petit Picasso’s biggest masterpieces and still keep things stylish.

Along with snotty noses, an appetite to put a post-hibernation bear to shame and enough germs to rival a science lab, we can rely on our kids to bring home one other thing in copious amounts from preschool: art. I use this term loosely. It feels like every day I’m presented with a pimped-up member of my once-destined-for-the-bin recycling box. You know those Magic Eye pictures of the ‘90s where, if you stared long enough at the psychedelic print, you’d see a dolphin jumping out from the page? Well, similarly, I can stare at trash and see how it can be given a toddler-with-a-heavy-hand makeover. Old egg carton? Easy – that would be a hedgehog. Paper plate? That’s a ladybug masquerading as disposable dinnerware. (I know. It’s a gift.)

Yes, I sound like a hardened cynic (in truth I do really admire my child’s creative efforts). But there’s only so much fridge space for my toddler’s artwork. Which is exactly why I’ve put together some tips on how you can display your kid’s art without your home turning into a hoarder’s paradise. Read on, dear parents…

1. String and mini wooden pegs

show art using pegs and string

A simple string line for pegging pics on to can free up your fridge in no time! Photography: Design Improvised

If you’ve got preschool paintings coming out of your earholes, this is a fantastic way of displaying the never-ending supply of your kid’s art. It’s like an art gallery made whoopie with a clothes line. All it takes is some pins in the wall, some string tied between the two and some cute-as-a-button mini pegs. Check out Design Improvised’s easy how-to and you’ll be pegging up their Picasso’s in no time. Not hipster enough for you? You could try gluing some wooden clothes pegs to a vintage yardstick and attaching that to the wall instead.

2. Make a digital scrapbook

photo books

Capture those masterpieces for posterity, minus the clutter.

Can’t move for all the artworks in your home? Fear not! Before chucking your kid’s milk-carton sculpture in the recycling bin (again) while they’re not looking, take a photo of their creation. The same goes for all their paintings, drawings and other works. Then jump on a photobook site and magic up your shots into a digital record of their talents. You could even be really fancy and create a book for each year of their lives. Ooh, get you. Be gone stray goggle eyes, rogue sequins and flyaway glitter (because let’s face it: nine times out of 10, glitter is never a good idea).

3. Create a gallery with decals

gallery for children's drawings

Ditch damaging your walls with wall decals and put your kids’ artwork in the ‘frames’. Cool, huh?! Photography: DanaDecals via Etsy.

If, like many of us, you live in a rental condo in Singapore and don’t want to jeopardise your hefty deposit by festooning your walls with screws, hooks and nails, then this is the perfect solution. Hop on to Etsy and check out these cool wall decals. These non-damaging stickers, designed to look like doodled photo frames, affix to your walls. You then use them to display the revolving door of artwork within; the result being your own cool gallery. Moving home soon? Remove the decals from your wall and your landlord will be none the wiser. Winning.

4. Use actual picture frames

show off your kids art in frames

Paint actual frames the same colour and use them to display your kid’s art. Impressive! Photography: The Caterpillar Years.

Like the gallery idea? Ditch the decals and go one step further with The Real McCoy. I’m talking actual picture frames, with the glass and backing removed, that you attach to the wall and use to pop your kid’s art in. Or follow guidance from The Caterpillar Years to make your frames matchy-matchy and extra special, thanks to some fishing line and some nifty pegs.

5. Put your old coat hangers to good use

coat hangers to display kids' art

Upcycle your old trouser hangers to create a cool gallery wall at home. Photography: Honest

Coat hangers – who knew? I’m all heart eyes over Honest’s too-cool-for-(art)-school tutorial on how to give your old wooden trouser hangers a new lease of life. A trusty lick of paint, a spot of stencilling and Bob’s your mother’s brother.

And that’s it! Go forth, folks and reclaim your fridge. Thank us later.

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