Raising kids in Singapore: what the HoneyKids team loves best about family life in SG

Big bowls of laksa, year-round sunshine, clean, safe space and holiday ops galore make Singapore one of the best places on earth to bring up kiddos...

With National Day 2019 now upon us, it’s that time of the year when we start reflecting on all the reasons we love living in Singapore with kids. From the year-round sunshine to the awesome local food, we here at HoneyKids are all thankful for the rather lovely life we get to have here with the kiddos, so we’ve been busy thinking about what we love best about raising a family in Singapore…

Why we love raising kids in Singapore

Posted by HoneyKids Asia on Wednesday, August 7, 2019


Kate, mum to Alfie, Camilla and Gabriel
Raising children on the Little Red Dot is a privilege. I love that my children are growing up surrounded by different people from all over the world. It cracks me up that they can’t see a difference between a Caucasian person and a Chinese person. That’s perfection. I love Singapore’s commitment to progress, its phenomenal architecture and infrastructure, the public services and the forward-thinking approach to open spaces and public events. And of course, who doesn’t love dry chili chicken, roti prata and the island’s apparent obsession with froyo?


HoneyKids Asia Jana Blanco

Jana, mum to Alonso and Luis
I love that I am able to open all my windows and doors and let my kids breathe fresh air. I also love that it is very safe – I’m not worried about them crossing the street or taking public transportation. But most of all, I LOVE all the fun, free things you can do with kids in Singapore like having picnics at Marina Barrage, playing in the water play area at Jacob Ballas, going to the museum… Majulahhh Singapuraaaaa!


Amy, mum to Ruby and Teddy
There is just sooooo much to do here with kids! From all the amazing museum exhibits to the free water play spots, Singapore has it all. And I have a huge love for the buses! I’ve worked and lived in both London and Sydney and the public transport systems there are nowhere near as stroller-friendly (the thought of taking my double pram on the Tube actually makes me shudder). I will always opt for a bus as my preferred mode of transport with the kids – the network is great and we love bagging the seats upstairs right at the front for a better view of the city.



Kate, mum to Harrison and Vivienne
I love the variety of experiences and exposures that my kids get to have here. There’s such an array of amazing arts, culture, food, language and people to interact with and because it’s safe and easy to get around there’s hardly any barrier to expose them to it, even as young as they are!


Dawn, mum to Tessa and Gemma
We love that there is so much to do in Singapore! There is always something going on like art festivals (we went to one at Pasir Ris Beach where the kids got to learn slime making!) and finding new exhibits at the museums around the island. We also love that Singapore is so multicultural, and with that comes fantastic food from around the world (although if anyone finds an exceptional African restaurant do let me know – we’ve failed on that mission so far!). We’re also very lucky to enjoy condo living: the kids are never short of good friends. Extra happiness: the parents have all become great friends of ours too!


Tracy, mum to Jack, Angelica and Rafferty
As a mum to three kids of varying ages, the year-round good weather is a huge bonus when it comes to getting out and about with the large, medium and small child in tow. Arguments over who gets to sit next to me in the taxi are so much easier to deal with when the sun is shining! There’s also the close proximity to all the amazing travel destinations on our doorstep. We’ve never let having kids curb our wanderlust so feel incredibly lucky to have introduced our mini globetrotters to some phenomenal Asian destinations. Also: Singapore Slings.


Brynie, mum to Isabella, William & Penelope
Two words: the help!



Angela, mum to Xavier and Marcel
I love the preschool options that are available here. When we lived back home in Australia, the only drop-off care option available for us for little ones from 18 months was daycare, a long and exhausting day for little people. In Singapore we had the opportunity for our boys to attend a fantastic local Montessori school, initially just for three hours a day, where they could learn, play and interact with peers who live within the surrounding area. I’m really grateful that they have been provided with such a wonderful introduction to learning.


Selina, mum to Maxton and Grayson 
I’m not ashamed to admit my greatest loves are the laksa and chicken rice on tap. But seriously, 
I think this city is built for families, and when it comes to giving kids opportunities to play, learn and be entertained, Singapore takes it to the next level. Our go-tos are the Keppel Centre for Art Education atthe National Gallery, Gardens by the Bay (of course) and ArtScience Museum – and of course, The ArtGround. This city is like a merry-go-round of cool places to hang out with kids, with new exhibits and festivals for families popping up every week. I want to do it all! Kids have got it GOOD here – and this gives me endless excuses to indulge in some kidulting myself.

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