Personalised storybooks for kids: make your child the hero of their own story!

If your little ones are keen fans of a bedtime reading session, then they'll love one where they get to be the hero of their own personalised storybook...

Cuddling up for a bedtime reading sesh with our small people is one of our fave parts of the day, so we’re always on the lookout for a lovely picture book or fun-packed chapter book to share with them. But for an extra dose of the warm fuzzies, a storybook that features your own child and makes them the star is a guaranteed hit for parents and kiddos alike. We’ve found personalised storybooks options here in sunny Singapore, as well as a few overseas picks that will deliver straight to your door.

My Magic Story


Photography: My Magic Story via Facebook

Not only will your little one love seeing cool meanings attached to each letter of their name in a My Magic Story book, but the company works in collaboration with Save the Children. Each customised book comes in hardback or paperback, and while the number of pages depends on the name, it will be at least 38 pages of beautifully illustrated tale.

Superkid’s League


Photography: Superkid’s League

When a Singapore-based group of young parents got together to talk about what inspires little ones to believe in their own uniqueness, the idea of personalising books for Singapore kids was born. Whether your child wants to be a princess or superhero (or both!), Superkid’s League will weave them into a story featuring their name. Delivery is free and will take around 15-20 working days.



Photography: Bookyboo via Facebook

For a fully customised tale, Bookyboo takes general info about your child – name, sibling info, etc – and builds a personalised adventure for them. Pop in a dedicated message on the first page, fill in the deets you want included, pick a theme (which include Disney and birthday party themes) and then wait for the biggest smiles when your little one gets a look at a story in which they are the hero.


Personalised storybooks

Photography: TimTimTom

With free delivery worldwide, and a turnaround time of around three weeks to Singapore, kids will love these stories all about them. You can not only choose the hair colour, hair-style, eye colour and name of the main character to match your own child, but it can come in a language of your choice too! Current picks include Chinese, English, Italian, Russian, French, Portuguese and more, and you can pick up to two languages per book. There are three stories to choose between: An underwater adventure, a magical ballet and a cool football-themed tale, all in which your child will be the star.

iGo Stories


Photography: iGo Stories via Facebook

If you have a kid keen to discover more of the world, then this clever personalised children’s travel adventure by iGo Stories is sure to be a big hit. Set in London, your child’s name, hometown and other personal details will feature in a fun tale involving afternoon tea, a trip to ancient Egypt and a jolly jaunt on a flying carpet, to make this history mystery a winner.

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