Turn those delivery boxes into camper vans and space rockets!

Take recycling to the next level by turning your delivery boxes into space ships, cardboard villages and guitars!

We’ve aced our toilet roll art, we’ve whipped up plenty of rainy day projects, and we’ve even prepped the kids’ party bags with a host of DIY favours: now we’re upping the creative ante and putting our art and craft kits into overdrive with some seriously cool things to do with a cardboard box. We’ve all had that moment when the kids have been more interested in the box than what’s inside, but we’ve taken things to the next level with these cool cardboard box projects that will keep the kids (and you) busy for hours, if not days!

cardboard box craft for kids

Neee naaaah, neee nahhh! Create your own fleet of rescue vehicles. Photography: Keriene

Little ones LOVE emergency vehicles, so why not turn your next delivery box into an ambulance, a fire truck or a police car? Use these fun instructions by Keriene to create your own fleet!

cardboard box craft for kids

Create a superbike out of a cardboard box. Photography: Ladyland

When it’s too wet outside to take the kids out for a cycle or a spot of scooting, grab a cardboard box and get stuck into this fab superbike project, courtesy of our lovely friends over at Ladyland. Spiderman outfit optional.

cardboard box craft for kids

Put those Christmas lights to good use with this DIY sparkle cave. Photography: Emma Scott-Child for Ladyland

Another goodie from Ladyland: forget packing away the Christmas lights and turn a cardboard box into a magical sparkle cave! Then snuggle down in there with one of these awesome picture books.


cardboard box craft for kids

Explore the globe in your cardboard box camper van! Photography: The Merry Thought

Glamping is so last season, darling. Instead create your very own camper van with this cute tutorial by The Merry Thought, and go on an imagination adventure around the globe without having to leave your living room.


cardboard box craft for kids

Bring your cardboard guitar on a mission into space on your cardboard rocket! Photography: Make It and Love It (left image) and Katie’s Creative Space (right image)

Forget travelling with the kids by plane, train and automobile to new destinations: use a rainy afternoon as an excuse to blast this rocket by Kate’s Creative Space into your craft stratosphere.

Kids demanding music lessons? Before forking out for a musical instrument, save yourself some cash and turn a cardboard box into a guitar by using these instructions by Make It and Love It.

cardboard box craft for kids

Take your crafting skills to the next level by creating a cardboard village! Photography: A Beautiful Mess

With a seemingly never ending round of school holidays here in Singapore, we’ve found a big project that will keep you and the kiddos busy for hours: break out your serious art and craft skills to tackle this play house village by A Beautiful Mess.

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