Random acts of kindness for kids and families: World Kindness Day 2018

Random acts of kindness
We shouldn't need a 'World Day' to remind us to be kind, but hey, it can't hurt. Here are 15 ways to bring a little kindness back into your life...

World Kindness Day is happening on 13 November 2018, so shake off the morning blues (it’s wet out there AGAIN!) and get out into the world with the aim of putting a smile on someone’s face. We get that life can make us a little irritated at times (especially when the toddler just fed the homemade playdough to the dog), but we think World Kindness Day is as good a day as any to start taking a deep breath and spreading some happiness. We’ve all heard of ‘random acts of kindness’ – a little friendliness or generosity definitely goes a long way without too much effort on our part. Even better when we can get the kids on board! #bekind, people.

Five random acts of kindness for grown-ups

1. While you are out and about, compliment a parent on how well-behaved their child is. The ultimate prize for a mummy or daddy.

2. Buy a coffee for the person behind you in the queue for your caffeine hit. Bonus points if it’s a tired looking mum.

Random acts of kindness

3. Bring doughnuts or cupcakes to work (and don’t forget to check out our guide to the best cupcake bakeries in Singapore)! And maybe a side order of something gluten free for those in the office with intolerances (extra thoughtful = extra kindness).

4. Leave money in a vending machine.

5. Stick up for someone on the internet: While we love our Facebook support groups, inevitable finger pointing and mum shaming come with the territory. Fight in a stranger’s corner, but with dignity and kindness.

Five random acts of kindness for kids

1. Leave a picture or note in a library book for the next child to find.

2. Gather together some old toys and donate them to charity.

3. Leave bubbles and a note at the park for other kids to find and play with.

4. Write a letter to someone (the old fashioned way!) and post it off to someone who won’t be expecting it.

Random acts of kindness

Brighten up a hero’s day with some paper flowers! Photography: Craft Tutsplus

5. Make a thank you card or some paper flowers and take them to your local police, ambulance or fire station. These heroes deserve all the kindness we can show them.

Five random acts of kindness for families

1. Gather the troops, head to the beach or park, whack on some gloves and pick up litter (make sure the kids know to not pick up anything sharp or pointy!).

Random acts of kindness muffins

Make some delicious treats with the kids and take them to a care home

2. Bake cookies (or try these delish banana muffins) and take them to a local care home.

3. When the heavens open, and if your family has a car, jump in it with a load of umbrellas and drive around giving them out to those who got caught short (usually us).

Random act of kindness

Colourful rock art slipped into a school bag is sure to cheer someone’s day. Photography: SG Rocks

4. We’re big fans of rock art, so get the craft box out and make some kindness rocks with the kids. Secretly put them in classmates’ bags.

5. Record the kids singing a song, or delivering a kind message, and send it to someone who will get a smile out of it (grandparents are a good bet!).

Now go forth and be kind!

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