Easy Easter craft for kids: make glitter pastel eggs!

Easter craft for kids Singapore Ladyland glitter easter eggs HoneyKids Asia
Give the Easter Bunny a run for his money by creating your own DIY sparkly numbers with this easy tutorial by Emma Scott-Child from Ladyland...

Easter is almost upon us! If you’ve booked an Easter brunch or are bringing the kids to one of the awesome egg hunts or Easter parties in Singapore, hurrah! But what If you’ve left the Easter decorations to the last minute? Don’t worry, we’re with you. You can still make good with this super easy craft project you can do with even the littlest of kids. I consider myself a seasoned crafter but today was the first time I have ever dyed eggs. We’re not religious people – Easter basically means ‘The Chocolate Festival’ in our household – so I’ve never given much thought to non-chocolate eggs.

Then I typed ‘Easter eggs’ into Pinterest. Whoa. A whole new world of craft opened up in front of me. Cut to two hours later, it’s 1am, I’m still looking at egg-dying tutorials and I realise I’ve fallen into a deep, deep Pinterest hole. But wow, I loved it.

So I dyed some eggs. I started with the most basic version because I had three little three-year-old helpers and I added glitter (because, well, glitter!). Have a look at those eggs above: they look pretty chic right? They were made by my three year old! No, seriously, they were. See how we did it below.

You will need:

Liquid food colouring
White vinegar
Warm water

To decorate:

PVA glue
Tip: If you can find duck eggs, go with those. The shells are much more fragile than chicken eggs, but they’re great for this project as they’re lovey and white – good for pastel!

Easter craft for kids Singapore Ladyland glitter easter eggs HoneyKids Asia
Easter craft for kids Singapore Ladyland glitter easter eggs HoneyKids Asia
Easter craft for kids Singapore Ladyland glitter easter eggs HoneyKids Asia


  1. First I hard boiled the eggs. You could try to blow them, but I was dealing with fairly wild young children and didn’t want to bother with the mess if one got dropped.
  2. For each dye colour I half filled a bowl with warm water. I added 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and the whole 38ml bottle of food dye. The mixture needs to be deep enough to cover an egg in the bowl.
  3. Carefully place the egg in the bowl on a spoon then leave it in there for 10 minutes. We managed to fit three eggs in each bowl at a time.
  4. Take your eggs out and lay them on some paper towel. Once they are dry they may look a little faded compared to when they first came out of the dye. You can dip them again to strengthen the colour. We only did one or two dips because the kids were impatient; you could probably leave them in a lot longer and get much stronger colours.
  5. To decorate, make a mixture of PVA and water that is syrupy, like the consistency of balsamic vinegar. (Most middle-class analogy ever. I’m trying to think of an example that sounds less posh, but I can’t!)
  6. Dip your egg in the cup of glue, then dip it in the cup of glitter.
  7. Sit it in the egg carton that it came in, glitter side up, for about half an hour until the glue dries. Once it’s done don’t touch it too much because the glitter will come off pretty easily.

Photography and styling: Emma Scott-Child.

This post was originally published at Ladyland. Follow Ladyland on Instagram for more great ideas!

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