Where to take the kids for the best smoothies and juices in Singapore

Best smoothie and juice bars in Singapore
Nothing says thirst-quencher more than an icy cold juice or smoothie!

Is there anything more refreshing than a fresh juice with loads of ice? We love the fact that the kids go crazy for a juice or smoothie and that you can sneak in some cheeky veggies without them noticing. Winning! Whilst we mostly give the kids water, every so often we’ll treat them to a fresh juice or smoothie and we’ve rounded up some of our favourite juice joints across the island. And remember, if possible, seek out vendors that will serve your juice in a reusable or recyclable cup, say no to plastic lids and BYO straw!

Project Acai

Health acai smoothies from Project Acai

Get your healthy smoothie on, with an acai smoothie from Project Acai. Photography: Project Acai via Instagram

These guys get the award for most imaginative smoothies. Almost like a meal in a glass, Project Acai has flavours like Where My Chocolate Abs (organic acai, banana, chocolate oat milk, peanut butter, topped with raw cacao nibs) and Beach Body To-Go (organic acai, pineapple, strawberries, coconut water, and a dash of coconut milk, topped with coconut shavings). Project Acai also serves up yummy acai bowls too.

Mission Juice

Using only quality ingredients, Mission Juice is cold-pressed, meaning it has the highest nutritional benefits and retains its natural flavour, vitamins and enzymes. Located in edgy Tanjong Pagar, it’s worth a trip into its store to pick up a fresh juice, or you can have it delivered island-wide for $15. Flavours include Simply Seeds (green apple, cucumber, lime and chia seeds) and Mean Green (celery, spinach, kale, green pepper, cucumber and green apple). We also love its Cinnamon Nut Milk (almonds, banana, cinnamon and a shot of honey).

Kith Cafe

If you’d prefer a coffee while the kids sip on their juice or smoothie, or you’d like food too, head to Kith Cafe. With combos like watermelon, orange and green apple and celery, cucumber, ginger and lemon, you won’t feel guilty after a visit to Kith. We love the fact that it has load of outlets across Singapore, some of which are open as early as 6.30am!

New Zealand Natural


Mango smoothie goodness from New Zealand Natural. Photography: newzealandnatural via Instagram

The Kiwis sure do know how to make a good smoothie! New Zealand Natural not only serves up magnificent ice cream and froyo, but it makes delish, creamy smoothies, packed with frozen yoghurt or sorbet and fresh fruits including strawberry, passionfruit and blueberries. And if you’ve got a craving for a milkshake, try New Zealand Natural’s thickshake – it’s got about three times as much ice cream in it as a regular milkshake!

Karika Juice Bar

If you’re after a tropical juice hit, head to Karika Juice Bar in Bencoolen Street. It’s got all the usual suspects, like orange, mango, passionfruit, strawberry and banana, with a couple of wild cards thrown in like dragon fruit, spinach and papaya. The kids will love the names of the juices too – who wouldn’t want to drink a Unicorn, Dragon or Volcano juice?

A Juicery

Another cold pressed gem, A Juicery is one of our faves because of its fresh, sensible approach to juicing. They espouse the benefits of cold pressing juice and drinking your veggies in a fun way. We won’t deny we also love the names of their juices, like Kale Me Maybe (kai lan, cucumber, napa cabbage, watercress, lemon and coconut water) and Citrus Ninja (apple, orange, grapefruit, turmeric, lemon and cayenne pepper).

Boost Juice Bars

A healthy juice in Singapore from Boost Juice

Give the kids a sweet, healthy treat with a Boost Juice. Photography: boostjuicesg via Instagram

The colourful, enticing decor of Boost Juice Bars makes it hard to walk by one of its stores. In addition to healthy juices, we are huge fans of Boost’s yummy range of smoothies, like Strawberry Squeeze (banana, strawberry, apple juice, strawberry yoghurt and ice) and Caribbean Green (mango, mango nectar, banana, passionfruit, spinach, coconut milk, coconut water and ice). You can also add ‘boosters’ including wheatgrass or protein to your juice or smoothie. We love the sheer variety on offer at Boost – there’s something to suit everyone and you’re sure to find one close by with over 30 stores dotted around Singapore.

Joe & the Juice

Just as the name implies, Joe & the Juice is all about coffee and juice. Walk into one of its three stores and you’ll see a hefty juice menu, with tasty juice combos such as Hell of a Nerve (strawberry, elderflower and banana) and Prince of Green (cucumber, lemon and pineapple). You can even have your juice with a side of water views at its Sentosa location.

Your local hawker centre

If you’re after a cheap and cheerful juice, head straight to your local hawker centre. The juice options are usually huge, with fruits including firm faves such as pineapple, dragon fruit and kiwi. We love the way the juice is squeezed fresh, right in front of you and is served super chilled, with loads of ice. Our personal hawker fave? ABC: apple, beetroot and carrot.

Top image: Brenda Godinez via Unsplash

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