Non-alcoholic Christmas drinks for kids and pregnant mums

Who says pregger mums miss out at Christmas? We've got just the tipple for you!

So you’ve sat down to feast with a delicious roast turkey or ham, the kids are happy with their gifts (for once) and everyone is having a nice time until someone says “Let’s break out the wine!”, followed by an uncomfortable silence as everyone remembers that because babies can’t drink, neither can you. While sporting a baby bump at Christmas has its perks, especially the fab pre-baby gifts, indulging in tipple is not one of them. Never fear, mums! We’ve got just the bubbles to cheer you up. These non-alcoholic Christmas drinks are fruity, spicy and even if the tots take a sneaky sip (you know they’re going to) all will be well.

This ingenious mulled wine recipe from Mumsnet uses black tea and cloudy apple juice in place of wine. But there is one other way to swing it, just make mulled wine the old-fashioned way and with one extra cheeky step – boil off the alcohol. Then chill in the fridge or serve warm.

Cranberry Ginger Ale Soda from Cooking with Wallflower

You can’t go wrong with a cranberry ginger ale soda from Cooking with Wallflower. It’s got just that fruity spicy kick to it to really feel like Christmas.

Spice Toddy from Seedlip

Non-alcoholic gin? It tastes better than you think! And this sweet and sour Spice Toddy made using Seedlip’s Spice is just what you need to warm up on a rainy day.

Light Eggnog from A Sweet Pea Chef

Lacey Baier from A Sweet Pea Chef knows the #struggleisreal for expats living overseas to get a craving for the ‘nog. She’s come up with Light Eggnog that’s easy, ‘noggy and healthy to boot. Blend, cook and drink up!

The Perfect Hot Chocolate from Food52

Nothing says Christmas like a mug of hot chocolate and this proclaimed “drink-up-able” chocolate from Food52 is sure to bring you warmth within any air-conditioned room. Crush up and stir in some candy canes for that peppermint touch.

Moscow Mule Mocktail from Tablespoon

Ditch the vodka and muddle up some blueberries and ginger beer for a Moscow Mule Mocktail a la Tablespoon. Copper mug optional.

Butterbeer from Food52

Dare we say Food52 has perfected the Butterbeer? Potterheads young and old alike are sure to go crazy over this sweet concoction. Just be sure to add the non-alcoholic cider or you’re going to have some very tipsy wizards.


Gingerbread Chai Tea Latte from Nutrition by Kara

Forget the sugar-loaded Peppermint Mocha, how about a Gingerbread Chai Tea Latte from Nutrition by Kara instead? Think pure gingerbread bliss in a cup for a real Christmas treat!

Top image: Gaby Dyson via Unsplash

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