It’s World Coffee Day! Motivational mugs for your daily cup (or five) or coffee!

Motivational mugs are so the way forward when one needs to mainline one's coffee to get through the day...

Being a mum. It’s all we imagined it to be and yet so much more. Way more. Off the scale more. More snot. More tantrums. More poop. More sleepless nights. More, more, more. And while we may never fully get back our pre-Diastasis Recti bod, our favourite facials are but a distant memory, and our hair looks more visit to a farm than hair salon glam, we know that the little darlings are soooooo worth it, right? Just as soon as we have had our coffee, that is. So take a break from hightailing it to your toddler’s playgroup, give your older kids their bus fare to get themselves to their teen sport class and settle down with your motivational morning coffee in a mug that tells it like it is… It is World Coffee Day today after all!

For when you just can’t adult (top image)

Adulting can be tough. So let the whole world know when your mum superpowers are taking a little break with this simple but effective mug from PaperBerryPress.
Cost: $22.48 plus shipping costs from US
From: PaperBerryPress via Etsy

For when your coffee mug is telling it how it is


The mug knows it. Photography: Cotton On

Stand back until we’ve finished our caffeine and then we’ll definitely be happy.
Cost: $17.99
From: Cotton On, various locations all over Singapore

For when you need coffee before anything else

There ain’t nothing happening until we get our coffee. Photography: Kamali Moon

You have the breakfast to make, the husband to shoo off to work, the baby to feed, the toddler to distract from whatever it is they shouldn’t be doing, the kids to get off to school, the dog to walk and your day in the office to get started. But first: coffee.
Cost: $19.90AUD plus shipping costs from Australia
From: Kamali Moon

For when you’re not ready to debate at silly o’clock in the morning


We’re well on board with these profound statements on our morning mug. Photography: Monoyono

It’s definitely too early for full on discussions with toddlers about the merits of wearing welly boots to preschool until we’ve had our cup of coffee. Also, who wants to be normal anyway?
Cost: From $12.45 each
From: Monoyono, Online only, free delivery for Singapore addresses if you spend over $50

For when the kids are really trying your patience

For Fox Sake? Really, kids? We love this naughty but nice cup! Photography: Blue Lion Design Shop via Etsy.

Sometimes smiling your way through refereeing siblings, feeding five family members who all want different things, plus trying to persuade a teenager to clean up their room (before Environmental Health come calling) can be somewhat challenging. We’ve all done it: expletives under our breath (when we really want to shout them out loud). Now all we need to do is buy this cup. And use it a lot.
Cost: $18.31 plus shipping costs from USA
From: Blue Lion Design Shop via Etsy

For when all you can do is keep on plodding

Mum goals! Photography: The PJ Bar via Etsy

Just keep that coffee cup full and that tiny human alive. That’s all we can do on days when even the strongest cuppa can’t give us back the two million hours we lost while rocking the baby to sleep, only to have them wake back up howling as soon as their ‘mum left the room’ radar went off.
Cost: $18.25 plus shipping costs from US
From: The PJ Bar via Etsy

For when you can deal with anything the day throws at you: once you have reached optimum coffee levels


A coffee cup that totally gets us. Photography: Most Toasty Goods via Etsy

Mums can generally deal with whatever life throws at them. Pasta, spat out veggies and yoghurt mostly when there is a toddler involved. But all that awesome needs a coffee kickstart: we are absolutely on board with the message this fun cup dishes out.
Cost: $25.30 plus shipping costs from US
From: Most Toasty via Etsy

For when you really should be going to the gym but fancy a coffee and snack instead


We’ll take the pie and the lattes please. Photography: Hinzspirations via Etsy

Getting your fitness mojo back once you have kids can be a challenge, and never more so than when a coffee and a snack are on offer instead. Pilates you say? We’ll take the pie and latte, thanks: but we may go to the gym later.
Cost: $22.55 plus shipping costs from US
From: Hinzspirations via Etsy

For when you just can’t suppress the grammar rage within…


Always. Photography: Tea With Brienne

If you see white spots when you spot an incorrectly used possessive apostrophe, this one’s for you.
Cost: $17.97 plus shipping costs from US
From: Tea With Brienne

For when you’re feeling fruity

Bring a touch of the tropics to your day with this funky mug. Photo credit: We Are Paper Plane via Etsy

Bring a touch of the tropics to your day with this funky mug. Photography: We Are Paper Plane via Etsy

It’s no secret we’ve got a thing for pineapples here at HoneyKids HQ. So many happy vibes with this mug!
Cost: $18.53 plus postage from UK
From: We Are Paper Plane via Etsy

For when you need to tackle an army of toddlers – or even just the one


Have toddler. Need coffee. Photography: XOXO Enjoli

Toddler in the house? We feel you. What you need is a whole lotta patience. And coffee. Strong coffee.
Cost: $17.62 plus shipping costs from US
From: XOXO Enjoli

For when you need a quick pick-me-up

Wakey, wakey! Today is going to be a beautiful day. Photo credit: Mononyono

Wakey, wakey! Today is going to be a beautiful day. Photography: Monoyono

Wakey, wakey, rise and shine! It’s a new day and the kids are going to behave beautifully today and you’re going to ace that project at work. So to kickstart the day we say grab a coffee on the go in this gorgeous feel-good cup. You’re awake, you have coffee in a pretty cup: the world is good.
Cost: $11.83
From: Monoyono, Online only with free delivery in Singapore if you spend $50

For when the kids are napping and it doesn’t seem so bad

It really is you know. Photography: Kiki K

You know, being a parent isn’t really all that bad. Especially when the kids are napping, the house is tidy and you’re browsing the internet planning your next vacay with while supping your coffee. Life IS wonderful.
Cost: $24.90
From: Kiki K, Harbourfront, ION and Raffles City locations

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