Mother’s Day craft: The macaroni necklace gets a makeover

Ladyland DIY macaroni necklace makeover Mother's Day HoneyKids Asia Singapore
Because it isn't Mother's Day at all without a homemade macaroni necklace to wear with mummy pride...

What are you doing for Mother’s Day this year? If you’ve been thinking about what you really want for your Mother’s Day present, the good old macaroni necklace tends to move down the food chain in favour of one of Singapore’s famous Champagne brunches, a sleep-in, or a bit of privacy! But I’m revisiting this old classic for Mother’s Day as a gift for my mum friends, because who doesn’t have a soft spot for the macaroni necklace? Also, the world needs more kick-ass craft – even better if it’s a project you can do with the kids (check out some fave DIYs here). In my head I had grand plans to recreate some amazing J.Crew style statement necklaces. But seriously, where do you begin with that? Neon and outrageous tassels will do!

Nail polish + macaroni = cool craft for Mother’s Day.

* Pasta – I used penne, macaroni and little pasta stars
* Embroidery needles
* Embroidery thread
* Nail polish – the nail polish adds a layer of lacquer which helps with strength, but you can also use paint if you’re working with kiddies

1. Paint your pasta. I found that gold worked really well because it’s quite similar to the colour of the pasta, so you don’t notice any imperfections. Plus…bling!
Tip: to paint the little stars and macaroni, I used a bamboo skewer to hold it while I painted.

2. Let the pasta dry on a plastic take-away container. It will be easy to get off afterwards. Don’t let it dry on paper, it will end up all pulpy.

3. Thread your pasta onto the embroidery thread. To create the chevrons, I threaded the penne pieces onto the thread and then used some nail polish to stick them together so they stay in the chevron shape.

4. If you fancy making a necklace with the little stars, you’ll need an embroidery needle to thread them through because they are quite fiddly.

Ladyland DIY macaroni necklace makeover Mother's Day HoneyKids Asia Singapore

Now this is how you make a tassel!

5. To make a tassel, follow the steps below…

– Wrap the thread around a card.
– Tie a piece of thread around the top to keep the strands together.
– Cut the bottom of the tassel, so it comes off the card.
– Tie another piece of thread around the top to keep it in a bunch. Trim this piece very close to the knot.


Macaroni necklace DIY Ladyland x HoneyKids Asia Mother's Day

Ta da! Totally wearable macaroni necklaces!

Happy Mother’s Day, ladies! xoxo

PS. don’t eat them or get them wet unless you want to wear a pasta salad!…obvs.

Photography & styling: Emma Scott-Child

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