HoneyKids pregnancy stories: I’m finally pregnant after years of trying – now what?

I'm finally pregnant - what now? HoneyKids Asia

I started my journey as a first-time pregnant woman with an unbelieveable amount of hope and excitement. That excruciating wait to confirm my pregnancy was over: and the very day I found out the good news, I dragged my husband to every baby-related store in Singapore I could think of. I tested prams, told salespeople I was pregnant, and brought home a ridiculous amount of gender-neutral baby merchandise. I was, for all intents and purposes, glowing.

After the hype settled over the next few days, I was left with an odd, underwhelmed sensation. With my ingrained tendency to overthink absolutely everything, I spent some time considering this feeling. And I decided that I was being taught something, and not by just anyone. I was being taught my first lesson in motherhood by my baby, who still resembled a tadpole. And that lesson was patience.

When I was younger, I used to worry about accidentally falling pregnant. Quite ironic, given that my first discussion with a fertility doctor ended with the news that my husband and I very little odds of natural conception. But, I was naive back then and I knew I wasn’t ready to give up my life as I knew it and become a mother. I was completely uneducated on the idea of ovulation and early pregnancy symptoms. To me, intercourse = pregnancy (thanks SEX ED!). I would stand in the mirror and try to determine if I ‘looked’ pregnant. I took pregnancy tests without even considering my cycle start dates. I never even had a false alarm, but I still wanted to be sure I wasn’t pregnant.

So now that I a) want to be pregnant more than anything and b) am actually pregnant, I wanted all the things that I associate with pregnancy. NOW. For starters, where’s that bump?! How is anyone going to give me their spot on the MRT without my pregnant belly protruding? Secondly, how am I supposed to buy all those cute onesies when I don’t know whether to buy pink or blue? Can I book a babymoon yet? Don’t even get me started on choosing a baby name!

And perhaps the most serious realisation I had to face once all my pregnancy dreams came true was the fact that so many pregnancies end in miscarriage. So here I am, five weeks pregnant, with nothing to show for it but a gender-neutral onesie and a bag of anxiety and fear that wouldn’t leave until I was out of the first trimester – in 9 long weeks! Talk about a #buzzkill.

Let’s not diminish the optimism though, we are pregnant! We are allowed to be excited. Here are some things you CAN do when you’re just a mere five weeks into your 40 week journey.

1. Buy a gender-neutral onesie. It really was special being able to buy an item of clothing for my own baby, rather than someone else’s. And you can keep this onesie as a reminder of the joy and hope you are filled with at this time in pregnancy.

2. Download some great pregnancy apps. Start learning about your little miracle’s development and your inevitable body changes. Although not much seems to be happening in week five for you, you’d be surprised what your little baby is doing!

3. Read up on what you should stop eating throughout your pregnancy, and start taking a prenatal vitamin if you haven’t already. Get some advice about vaccinations during pregnancy too.

4. Giving birth in Singapore is not the cheapest of ‘hobbies’, so start looking into maternity insurance. We hear Aviva has a good policy, but it pays to do your research!

5. Buy a baby planner. You’ll want something in which to record notes, questions, appointments, shopping lists, and general pregnancy and baby planning. I love my Baby Notes by Kikki K.

6. Get inspired on Pinterest. Start making some boards for your pregnancy – recipes, nursery inspo, names, etc.

And, of course, check out Honeybumps for pregnancy, birth and baby advice, inspiration and personal stories you can laugh and cry along with!

Ed’s note: Want to know what happened next? Check out Sarah’s beautiful baby shower at Raffles Hotel!

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