Dads-to-be: read this if you want to survive!

pregnant wife
Growing a human being inside our bodies for nine months is no walk in the park. Dad, here's how you can help...

We’ll just put it out there: why can’t dads be pregnant too? Why can’t they just go through morning sickness, swollen feet, the crazy weight gain and the whole shebang for 41 weeks, just like we do? While we can’t force Mother Nature to impregnate our husbands and smile to ourselves when they say “they can’t take it any more”, there’s a lot they can do for us while we’re expecting. After all, it’s the least they can do – since we’re the ones bringing their progeny into the world – to make this whole journey easier.

Thing is, a lot of dads find the whole pregnancy thing a little bit scary. In a span of weeks, they watch their wives double their weight and manage all the hormones that, for many women, bring out the worst in them. So, as crazy as it may all look to you, mister, this is the time we need you the most. Pull up a body pillow, father-to-be; here’s what you can do in the coming months to help. Mums-to-be, bookmark this article and send it to your partner, STAT!

Surprise her with a babymoon 

Take it from us, your babymoon is probably one of the last holidays you’ll take as a couple. Do your research and compile a list of options and price ranges for your babymama to choose from. Our tip? Find a resort that offers spa treatments especially made for pregnant women.

Know what her cravings are

Whether your partner is craving Maltesers covered in mayo or a steaming bowl of wanton mee, knowing what she currently can’t live without is key if you want to help out. Bonus if you’ve already got them on-hand by the time midnight strikes.

Get the lowdown on pregnancy 

You know that book/app your wife is always looking at or quoting from? If you want to know more about what she’s going through, you’d better hop on the information train. Get your own copy of the book (that’s what the Kindle app is for) or download the app! Some of them even have a special section for dads, too!

pregnant wife

Want to show how much you care? Follow our tried-and-tested tips!

Make time for doctors’ appointments 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a gazillion meetings scheduled or if you’re swamped at work. Making an effort to show up for doctors’ appointments shows how much you care about your pregnant wife and the baby on the way. It’s also a way to say hi to your baby and hear its heartbeat.

Make life easier for her when you can 

Whether it means going to the supermarket to pick up some eggs or doing the laundry even if it isn’t your turn, making an effort to lighten her load will definitely earn you some brownie points. Pregnancy is stressful enough as it is, so let your partner rest when she can (pretty please!). Also, once her bump is out, please offer to tie her shoelaces or slip her shoes on for her. Trust us, she’ll really appreciate it!

pregnant wife

A massage is always appreciated!

Massage, massage, massage 

Nothing tickles a pregnant woman’s fancy more than a good massage. Whether you’re springing for it or giving her one, a massage (lower back or foot, please) is always a nice treat after a long day! Also, use ALL THE OIL.

Patience is key 

When she’s pregnant, the chances of your partner running solely on chocolate/burgers/hormones is pretty likely. Some days, she’ll be totally excited about being a mum and some days, she’ll just cry at everything. On top of that, she’ll also want to pee every 30 minutes or yell at you for not turning on the lights when she asks (what!?!). Be patient – she’s going through a lot so she’s counting on you to be a wee bit more understanding.

Of course, doing these things isn’t a must but would definitely be much appreciated by anyone who’s preggers. Now to deal with the new baby’s arrival….

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