Expert advice on in utero baby movements and when to see a doctor in Singapore

How often should your little kickboxer be moving when he’s in your tummy, and when should you worry? Midwife Natasha Cullen answers your questions...

Now that you’re further along in your pregnancy, you’ve probably accepted you won’t be seeing your toes anytime soon. And you may well have replaced the horrible morning sickness with a new kind of funny feeling in your tummy… Yep, bubba is on the move!

But how much should he be moving while in utero, and is a ‘quiet day’ a cause for concern? In this edition of ‘Ask the Midwife’, Natasha Cullen from Beloved Bumps answers the question:

I’m 38 weeks pregnant and my baby isn’t moving as much as before. Is this because he is running out of space?

Natasha says:

NO! Any decrease in movement should be seen as abnormal and you should make an appointment to see your obstetrician to monitor the baby.

By the end of your pregnancy, you will have learnt an important thing about your baby’s movement – that there is no set number of ‘normal’ movements. From around 16 weeks you may start to feel your baby move, and these movements will increase until around 32 weeks. From 32 weeks your movements will stay roughly the same until you give you birth.

There are some myths around baby movements in pregnancy. The biggest one is that movements slow down at the end of pregnancy because babies run out of room. Another one is that and if baby has 10 movements a day, it’s considered normal. Both are incorrect.

Feeling movements is a reassuring sign that your baby is well. So, if the movements start slowing down, it could be a warning sign that all may not be well inside, so contact your doctor immediately.

Do NOT use any hand-held monitors or dopplers to check your baby’s heartbeat. Why? Well firstly, even if you detect a heartbeat it doesn’t automatically mean baby is doing well. Secondly, you could also be picking up your own heartbeat and thinking it is the baby’s.

We hope that Natasha’s tips are helping to make the rollercoaster pregnancy ride a little easier, but if it is getting a little overwhelming, we say take yourself on a babymoon staycay! And once you’ve booked that, come along for wise words and morning tea at our upcoming FREE event at the National Museum for The Dream Team Talks: Your Pregnancy Journey.

Beloved Bumps holds prenatal courses at East Coast (Sandbank), West Coast, Sentosa and Central (at Collision 8). The team consists of Natasha Cullen and Anna Kwan, a highly experienced personal trainer specialising in pre and postnatal fitness.

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