11 best support groups for new mothers in Singapore

support groups for mums in Singapore
Having your first baby can be tough. In reality, you’re doing just fine, but it always helps to get some reassurance, advice, and companionship during those fragile first months. To help see you through, here’s our roundup of the best support groups in Singapore for new mums...

Looking for a mother’s group in Singapore for some support, play dates and good company? To put it mildly, we think new mum support groups are the best thing since sliced bread joined forces with kaya and a toaster. No matter how much research you do, how many books you read, or whether ‘Dr Google’ is your best friend or worst enemy, as a new mum, the experience of interacting with a like-minded human – either online or in person – is priceless. Want to know if your baby’s rash is normal or a cause for concern? Ask a mums’ group. Need info on how to travel safely in taxis with kids? Ask a mums’ group. Just want to know that someone else is experiencing the same gut-wrenching worry as you? Ask a mums’ group. There are plenty on offer in Singapore including some excellent Facebook Support Groups, so we recommend finding a few that work for you, and milking them for all they’re worth.

1. Stork’s Nest Singapore
Perfect for: mums looking for advice from hundreds of others who’ve been there.
With a private Facebook group boasting more than 7,000 members, Stork’s Nest is the ultimate go-to for new mums in Singapore. No question is too silly or too obscure, as you can guarantee that someone out there has experienced exactly what you’re going through and lived to tell the tale. The founder, Jani Combrink, is a certified lactation consultant and a lovely lady who makes herself and her team readily available to all mums in need. Don’t miss the Stork’s Nest annual family sale where you can pick up pre-loved and new bargains for the whole family.
www.storksnest.org.sg and www.Facebook.com/groups/StorksNestSingapore (closed group, request to join)

2. New Mothers’ Support Group
Perfect for: new mums looking to break their routine and connect with others at regular events. Also a handy resource for expectant mums.
If you’re going a little bonkers at home (it happens), this group could be your lifeline. With regular events out there in the big bad real world, you’re sure to find something that takes your fancy and breaks the daily routine. Coffee dates, yoga classes, and nature walks combined with a good chat will get you out of your funk in no time.
www.nmsg-singapore.com and www.Facebook.com/groups/292473993369 (closed group, request to join)

3. Mother & Child – New Mother’s Get Together
Perfect for: brand new mums who don’t have loads of support from family or friends in Singapore, and those who want an instant, like-minded support network.
Rare is the new mum in Singapore who hasn’t heard of Mother & Child! The ladies at these centres in Tanglin Mall and East Coast offer years of experience in midwifery, nursing, and lactation consulting to help expectant and new parents muddle their way through anything and everything related to babies. The centres offer plenty of prenatal and postnatal classes, including a New Mother’s Get Together that connects you to a few mums with babies of a similar age. If you sign up for this one you’ll attend a weekly class for a month, then your group can decide how to take it from there. You do have to pay for the class, but it’s well worth considering for the instant and ongoing support.
03-11 Tanglin Mall, 163 Tanglin Rd, Singapore 247933; www.motherandchild.com.sg

4. New mums Singapore
Perfect for: expat expectant mums looking for recommendations, goods for sale, and some social interaction.
A Facebook group that separately caters to full-time working mums and stay-at-home mums, to ensure activities are relevant. Use the group to sell all those things you never used, get recommendations on anything baby related, and touch base with other mums at occasional events.
www.Facebook.com/groups/593672134076118 (closed group, request to join)

5. East Coast Mums’ Support Group
Perfect for: New mums in the East who’d rather not travel far to connect with other mums, plus those looking for useful products and services.
This group provides online support for mums in the East Coast, with a range of Facebook pages dealing with general mum issues, child-related businesses, mumpreneurs, and property.
Various Facebook groups
Mums’ Support Group:www.facebook.com/groups/EastCoastMumsSupportGroup
Kids Biz: www.facebook.com/groups/ECMSGKidsBiz
Property: www.facebook.com/groups/ECMSGPropertyNews
(closed groups, request to join)

6. Meetup
Perfect for: Mums looking for groups to connect with based on a geographical area, an age group, or a topic of interest.
This is the place to go if you want to get a lot more specific with your mum networking. Meetup is an online resource that facilitates get-togethers centred on a topic of interest, not just for mums but for basically the entire human race. Spend a few minutes scrolling here and you’ll find meetups from ‘Central Singapore Playgroup’ to ‘Blissful Babies’ and everything in between. You never know, by the time you exit the site you might also have picked up a few skills in capoeira and cupcake baking.

7. Breastfeeding Mothers’ Support Group
Perfect for: any breastfeeding mum and supportive partners or family members.
Breastfeeding in Singapore can be a tough gig, and is sometimes the most confusing but also rewarding part of becoming a mum. This online support group is there to help, day and night (and in those first few weeks, who really knows whether it’s day or night??). The group offers emotional support and education through its Facebook page and counselling helpline, as well as handy events for expectant parents and mums returning to work. A big thumbs up to this group for aiming to create an understanding in Singapore that breastfeeding is a positive and entirely normal part of our society.
www.breastfeeding.org.sg and www.Facebook.com/bmsg.singapore (closed group, request to join)

8. Four Trimesters
Perfect for: expectant parents looking to make their birthing and parenthood experience as positive as possible, and perhaps engage the services of a doula.
A smaller Facebook group managed by a local doula whose mission is to improve maternity care in Singapore. Ginny Phang regularly shares interesting articles on general topics such as pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding, all under the theme of positive experiences in birthing and parenthood. This business also runs regular antenatal classes to help expectant parents get prepped.
www.Facebook.com/groups/fourtrimesters (closed group, request to join)

9. SNS: working moms support group
Perfect for: any working mum, or mums planning to return to work soon.
A subsidiary of Stork’s Nest Singapore (see no. 1), this group provides a forum for discussion and friendly support among working mums. The lovely members of this group support each other through challenges such as pumping at work, sleep deprivation, and morning tantrums (both mum and baby).
www.Facebook.com/groups/SNSWorkingMoms (closed group, request to join)

10. Singapore Special Needs and Parents / Special Needs Kids Singapore
Perfect for: parents and family members of special needs children.
These two Facebook groups aim to provide a space for parents of special needs children to support each other in all the challenges and joys of parenting. They can also be a helpful resource for goods and services.
Various Facebook groups
Singapore Special Needs and Parents: www.Facebook.com/groups/Singaporespecialneedsandparents
Special Needs Kids Singapore: www.Facebook.com/groups/488991321113132
(closed groups, request to join)

11. BumpWise
Perfect for: expectant mums wanting to learn more about doulas in Singapore, holistic support, and natural alternatives.
If an intervention-free birth is especially important to you, it might be worth checking out this online support group. Managed by a group of doulas, the group offers information and support on all things pregnancy and birth, including specialty areas such as nutrition, herbal healing, aromatherapy, yoga, and massage.

And if all else fails, keep your eyes peeled! You’ll be amazed at how many new and expectant mums you’ll stumble across in your local area who are keen to support and learn from other mums on the roller coaster ride that is parenting.

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