We’ve boiled down a list of the best sterilisers in Singapore

Cold water? Microwave? UV-powered? Who'd have known there was so much to consider when it comes to picking a humble steriliser?

We’re advised by health experts that we need to sterilise our bubs’ feeding equipment up until the age of one year. That’s a lot of washing up and boiling stuff, right? We’ve come to the squeaky-clean rescue with our roundup of the best time-saving, convenience-boosting sterilisers in Singapore!

First thing’s first, there are three options for sterilising feeding equipment (things like bottles, cups, spoons, pacifiers) – boiling, steaming or chemical soaking. Plump for the option that fits your lifestyle and budget: choosing a spaceship-sized one is not going to work if you have a tiny kitchen for instance.

Philips Avent 3-in-1 Electric Steam Steriliser - best sterilisers in Singapore

Best in show: Philips Avent 3-in-1 Electric Steam Steriliser

There are so many considerations when choosing which steriliser is best for you. How often will you use it? Does it matter if it’s bulky? How many bottles can it fit at once? Can I sterilise other items? Do I need to travel overseas with it? Sooooo many big questions! So, after much deliberation we’ve awarded the prize for best all rounder to the Philips Avent 3-in-1 Electric Steam Steriliser. And here’s why… It’s relatively compact in size and as the name suggests it is also adjustable, depending on how many items you need to sterilise. It can hold up to six Avent bottles or other bigger items like pump components and feeding bowls. We also love its sleek design, meaning that it won’t entirely mess up the cool vibe you’ve got going on in your kitchen (don’t worry, there’ll be heaps of other baby paraphernalia to do that job later). This steriliser does the job in six minutes and if you keep the lid unopened, the contents will stay sterile for 24 hours.
Price: $135
Buy from: First Few Years

Chicco Microwave Steriliser - best sterilisers in Singapore

Simple and affordable: Chicco Microwave Steriliser

Looking for a no-frills steriliser? The good news is, there are sterilisers out there that will get your baby stuff clean and sanitised quickly, and without leaving too big a dent in your wallet. Ok, it might not be the prettiest, nor have all the bells and whistles, but do you really need your steriliser to recite poetry? If you’re feeling our vibe, we recommend the Chicco Microwave Steriliser. It fits up to five bottles and sterilises just as well as its more expensive counterparts in just five minutes.
Price: $29.90
Buy from: Pupsik Studio

Nuby Natural Touch Compact Mini Microwave Steriliser

Take me anywhere: Nuby Natural Touch Compact Mini Microwave Steriliser

Finding a steriliser that is compact and versatile for travelling with kids in tow is key. Can you use it when you’re out and about? Does it take up too much space in my luggage? These are our key considerations when finding the perfect on-the-go steriliser. The Nuby Natural Touch Compact Mini Microwave Steriliser ticks all these boxes. This is a compact unit that isn’t too bulky for travel, but what we really love about it is that you can either use it as a steam steriliser in the microwave, or with a sterilising tablet if you don’t have access to a microwave. You can also high-five yourself that you’re being kind to the environment, by avoiding disposable microwave sterilisers.
Price: $44.00
Buy from: Fishpond

Haenim 3rd Generation UV Steriliser - best sterilisers in Singapore

Bringing out the big guns: Haenim 3rd Generation UV Steriliser

If you’re keen to invest in some serious baby kit, a UV steriliser is what you’re after. The big benefits of UV sterilisation are that they use significantly less electricity, you can sterilise other household objects (like TV remotes and stuffed toys) and they have a larger capacity than most steam sterilisers (it can fit up to 16 bottles!) Our pick of the bunch is the super high-tech Haenim 3rd Generation UV Steriliser. It’s even got a bluetooth function so that you can sterilise your bottles via your smartphone! Other nifty features include auto-sterilisation settings so you’ll always have a bottle ready to go and it keeps items dry, avoiding bacteria growth.
Price: $409
Buy from: Motherswork

Milton Cold Water Steriliser - best sterilisers in Singapore

No hot water or electricity? No problem: Milton Cold Water Steriliser

Don’t have access to boiling water or a microwave? No worries! The Milton Cold Water Steriliser uses cold water and a Milton sterilising tablet or fluid to kill bacteria. You don’t even need to wash the equipment once it’s been sterilised in the liquid. Just grab and go!
Price: $26.90
Buy from: Pupsik Studio

Having a baby in Singapore can be uber-expensive and sometimes we just want to find ways to save a bit of cash. Going old-school and boiling baby equipment is always an option, or have a think about renting this kind of baby equipment.

SingHealth recommends washing all feeding equipment, like pump parts and bottles in warm soapy water first, then submerging the clean items in fresh water in a saucepan. With the lid on, boil the water for 10 minutes, then allow it to cool down and remove the equipment with clean hands and store in a clean, covered container.

Now, parents, go forth and steam.

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