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Baby monitors are a great way to stay connected with your baby and keep an eye on them without needing to actually be in the room. We’ve picked out a few of the best ones that are guaranteed help the whole family sleep more peacefully

There’s nothing more nerve-wracking for a new parent than not having eyes, 24/7, on a new baby. What if they get into trouble or some mischief in the time that it takes to put the dishes away or pop to the toilet? Definitely a constant worry if you don’t have a helper or nanny around as an extra pair of eyeballs, or are living in a house instead of a condo or apartment (because you’re MILES away from the nursery in a house!).

Luckily there’s a nifty little invention that will help keep an eye on your baby for you: the humble but oh-so-essential baby monitor! Some of which even alert you when bubba wakes up or catch their breath for a moment too long. We’ve picked out some of the best electronic eyes of wonder to give you a little peace of mind for those long nights, or even just for when you absolutely can’t go one day longer without showering… (We get it. We’ve been there). 

iBaby Care M7


This Mom’s Choice award winner has received accolades from Straits Times and Business Insider for being the creme de la creme of wi-fi baby monitors, and it’s one of our top picks too. The iBaby Care M7 calls itself the smartest wifi enabled baby monitor designed to suit the needs of all parents, and we couldn’t agree more. This one’s not just for bubbas either: parents can use it way past the toddler years and keep a beady eye on the kids until they’re old enough not to wreck a room the moment you turn your back. The best part? It uses your existing wifi network to stream audio and video signals which means less electromagnetic exposure for baby. Cool, huh?


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Price: $289, buy from iBabylabs



angelcare-1100-baby-monitor Honeykids Asia Singapore

Keep track of your little one from the next room with Angelcare.

The state of the art colour video transmission, adjustable camera angle, infrared night vision, temperature monitoring and two way communication feature of the Angelcare Video Movement with Sound Monitor (Digital) Model AC-1100 are all pretty snazzy features of this pick. It also comes with a sensor pad which blasts out an alarm if no movement has been detected for 20 seconds. The Parents unit can be clipped onto your person for hands free monitoring, and the battery lasts up to eight hours (because what baby ever sleeps more than eight hours anyway?).
Price: From $439, buy from Angelcare

Tommee Tippee Digital Baby Monitor with Sensor Pad



Tommee-Tippee-Baby Monitor Honeykids Asia Singapore

With Tommee Tippee, no video is no problem!

A more wallet-friendly alternative for parents, this baby monitor monitors room temperature and sound, lets you soothe your baby through the talk-back feature and even comes with an in-built night light. Effective within a range of 1000 feet, it comes with a sensor pad that can be inserted under your little one’s mattress to monitor your baby’s movement. The pad is sensitive enough to detect breathing patterns and will alert you if it detects no movement for 20 seconds. Leave it to recharge overnight in the docking station and the battery will last for up to eight hours. No video on this one, but the sound and alarm only make it less of a distraction, we say.
Price: From $179, buy from Baby Online

Netgear Arlo Baby Camera

Netgear Arlo Baby Monitor Honeykids Asia Singapore

The Netgear Arlo is both adorable and functional

This bunny shaped all-in-one smart baby monitoring camera sends a live high definition (1080p!) video feed and alerts straight to your smartphone or any device you download the free Arlo app to. Control the brightness and even the colour of the in-built night light, monitor the air in your baby’s room including the temperature and humidity, all from wherever you may be in the world. Arlo also records sound and motion-detected events for download where it will stay in your cloud for up to seven days. Perfect for when you want to share those cute moments with the rest of the folks in the family. Grandparents love this stuff!
Price: From $409, buy from Hatchi.Tech

Philips Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor

Philips-Avent-Baby-Monitor Honeykids Asia Singapore

No need to whip out your phone when Philips Avent can record the slightest gurgle!

The Philips Avent Baby Monitor uses a secure frequency hopping technology to connect your handset to the monitor for a range of up to 300 metres. Other than transmitting a clear coloured video feed with infrared night vision, the monitor also has five pre-programmed lullabies to soothe your little one to sleep, and allows you to speak to your child through the handset. The battery lasts up to 10 hours and you can adjust the audio sensitivity to pick up only the most unmissable moments.
Price: From $299, buy from Mothercare

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