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Best subscription boxes in Singapore Honeykids Asia
Because everyone loves a surprise in the mailbox!

If your online shopping exploits are no longer cutting it and you need to spice things up a little, may we introduce you to a magical little phenomenon known as the subscription box? Just imagine, if you will: a monthly delivery, plopped directly onto your doorstep, in a mysterious and beautifully packaged parcel. You have an inkling of what lays inside, but you don’t know for sure. It’s the perfect relationship: consistency with an element of the unexpected. Whether it’s clothes, books, or food that takes your fancy, and whether you’re a big kid or a legit one, there’s a regular dose of happiness to be found in a subscription box. Here’s our pick of the best boxes in town…


My Messy Box

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Cool sensory play and cheerful art projects in this Arctic Freeze themed box. Photography: My Messy Box.

Instead of carting ten tons of sand into your house to make a sandpit for messy sensory play, we’ve got one better – get it in a box. Designed for and tested by kids aged three to six, these themed boxes will let your kids dig and scoop their way to higher cognitive skills through observation, experimentation and exploration. Order now to get a CNY-themed box!

KinderHands Craft Project Boxes

Fresh out of ideas for new craft projects? KinderHands has us covered with each box not only stuffed with cool crafty things but also aimed at developing artistic and creative expression, numeracy and language, science, and social awareness in kids. Get the Book Box complete with a recommended read to accompany the project, or just settle for the Project Box.


Surprise the kiddos with a box that’s botany based, filled with dinos or robots that go beep. Kids can make their own cars, door hangers, and even their own mini soccer game. These boxes also makes the perfect party favours for any birthday bash or celebration event.


A resident HoneyKid is currently obsessed with her “Pep-pah-pi” sticker book so this one’s a cheeky addition for every kid (and adult) who hasn’t grown out of their love for stickers. For just USD $15 a month, you can get 15+ sticker sheets sourced from all over the world. Stickers aren’t just for kids to paste on any available surface, they’re great for brightening up any letter or journal entry and, in our opinion, completely worth the international shipping price of USD $3.


Kim’s Kitchen

We know the drill – you just had a baby, you’re stuck at home going stir-crazy because your mum won’t stop dropping by to give you steamed chicken and food soaked in ginger, but everything tastes bland and you’d murder for a steak right about now. Kim’s Kitchen doesn’t just do catering, it delivers two healthy, freshly-made confinement meals per day for up to a month per package. You just grew a human being for nine months, so treat yo’ self.

Pint Society

Who doesn’t love ice cream? And home delivery sure beats having to bring the kids to the shops (also great for bribing material). Pint Society comes up with a completely new flavour every month so you’ll never get bored.


subscription boxes

Not just a treat for the eyes, but a treat for the body. Saves you a trip to the market too! Image courtesy of Simplyfresh.

We get it, you haven’t had time to go down to the shops but that doesn’t mean you’ll let the fam get scurvy. Fret not: you can get your weekly box of greens delivered to your doorstep. These hand-picked organically grown and Europe-imported veg boxes come in packs suited to any occasion, be it to fuel your detox shakes or to divvy up the vitamins and health snacks between you and the kids.

Made Real

Toss the crisps and chocolates, we’ve got something better for you. Made from real ingredients right here in Singapore, Made Real provides snacks that are tailored to your preference, allergies and even your diet. Each box contains six snacks of two serving sizes each. Get it sent straight to your home to share with the kids, or have a sneaky one all for yourself delivered to the office.

Box Green

Sweet, savoury, flavoured or unflavoured? You’ll love the snacks you choose, whether it’s a bean-fuelled protein boost, or a not-so guilty Japanese lavender cookie. These snacks are great when you’re feeling munchy during the day, or if you just want to spice up a boring old salad. And while you’re putting together your ‘pantry’, why not stash in some Milo Dino Granola and Popin Pretzel Pow Wow to keep the kids happy when it comes to treat time?

Hook Coffee

Babyccinos not doing it for you? Or maybe you can’t venture far enough to grab more than just a bag of instant 3 in 1. Hook Coffee lets you shop by the bag, by the pod or by the bottle. Based on your preferred flavours and how you make your coffee, you can get great coffee sent to you to keep you going. Beats waiting in line at a cafe! If you bagsy four bags now, you’ll get a free coffee making kit.

Thirsty Craft Beer Store

This one’s to share (with the hubby, not the kids!) – hand-picked craft beers from all over the world. For the thirsty types amongst you, subscribe and get three months (or more!) of beer delivery. Chill out after a long day with a new seasonal brew or an old classic… just make sure the kids are in bed first.


Books Actually

Umm, Books Actually comes in boxes now? That’s cool… scratch that, that’s awesome, since no one has time to trawl through GoodReads or Amazon reviews for a good book these days. Instead, you can just subscribe to the box curators whose tastes align with yours and leave your reads in their capable hands. You’ll even get little surprises in each box, like that cup of tea you need to go along with a good read.


subscription boxes

That’s all the dad gifts sorted… Image courtesy of Ohh My Box.

Keep the dads in a good mood with OHHMYBOX. For the corporate dads, there’s ties, watches and cufflinks, while the cool dads have shower gels, headphones and cherry socks to look forward to. Basically, everything dapper in a box that they can’t be bothered to buy but have always wanted. That’s Father’s Day sorted when it rolls round.

Carpe Librum

Seize the book! Or just subscribe to it and discover new books and authors. With each package comes a different theme every two months, and it can be anything from fiction to non-fiction, including Young Adult. Great gifts for teens, or mums who just want to read something new. You don’t just get a book, there’s also loads of surprise goodies like charm bracelets, mugs, postcards and candles. And to top it off, they’re going greener this year by replacing boxes with reusable tote bags, although you can still opt to have your delivery packed in a box for a small fee.



Pets are official members of the family so it stands to reason that they should get a subscription box too. Get a Perrobox for your furry friend which includes two treats, a new toy, a new chew and a little something special. Just select your dog’s size and how often you want to spoil your little furbaby, and their tails will be wagging for days.


subscription boxes

Cats’ll love this box…and the treats too! Image courtesy of Maobox.

The MaoBox is great for cats who are getting a little snippy and need to be spoiled. Jammed with new treats, toys and food samples every two months, they’ll be eating right out of the palm of your hand in no time. Did we mention 10% of proceeds benefit a local animal shelter? So you’ll definitely be making more than one cat purr.

Addicted to subscription boxes but can’t find a box you like? Check out Cratejoy and Hello Subscription to find the box that’s made for you (just be sure they do worldwide shipping).

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