Dollhouses we love as much as the kids do!

If your kiddos has 'dollhouse' on their Xmas list this year, here's where Santa can get his hands on the coolest ones about...

Give your child a place for their dolls to call home (or geckos, it’s Singapore, we don’t discriminate) with one of these adorable miniature houses, available from quality Singapore toy stores, or online. There’s a broad selection of designs to suit every teeny-tiny family and one to suit your own home decor! Dollhouses are great conduits for imaginative play. Acting out scenarios that help them process their surrounding world, children will happily play with a dollhouse on their own, or socially with friends and family.

Dollhouses are suitable for both boys and girls and can house anything from dolls, teddies, cars, pet-rocks and, gulp, even snails! Here are five fab finds that will have everyone playing happy families in no time …

SIRCH Studio Modern Minimalism dollhouse

dollhouses in Singapore

We’d move into this ourselves if we could.

Is Barbie’s miniature home cramping your own stylish designer decor? It’s time to dress her in a kaftan and move her into a Sirch mid-century minimalist dollhouse. The Sirch Villa Sibis is a stylish studio made from a lightweight plywood frame, featuring acrylic glass and wood lattice sliding panels, opening it up on both sides for easy play options. A quality miniature home made in Germany and available to us here in Singapore.
Buy: Sirch Studio at Playhao

The Lego Duplo sturdy and changeable dollhouse


dollhouses in Singapore

Lego’s Duplo dollhouse can be reconfigured to suit any tiny family

What’s not to love about Lego (except having it surgically removed from the underside of your foot)?  This cool dollhouse can be added to and remodelled by the young architect in your life, so it will always be fun and new. Available from large toy retailers or many online outlets. Check out our favourite Lego storage hacks while you’re at it: you’ll need it!
Buy: Duplo on Amazon


Lundby Living, The retro Stockholm House

dollhouses in Singapore

Swedish Lundby dollhouses – living the Scandi-dream!

Meanwhile, this extravagant retro dollhouse is guaranteed to keep your entire Scandinavian doll family happy! Designed in Sweden, the Lundby dollhouses focus on the most minute details like fixtures, interior design and furniture. These houses, built like architectural models, will have the kids mesmerised for hours.
Buy: Lundby

Miniio for the simple, stylish life

dollhouses in Singapore

Miniio dollhouse comes with a furniture option too


Made by two mums of boys. They did what they could to fulfil their longing for girls; they made dollhouses! Made in Poland from non-toxic sustainable timber, they’re not cheap, but consider it an education in your child’s good taste, and they will ship to Singapore for approximately $60.
Buy: Miniio direct from the warehouse


dollhouses in Singapore

IKEA dollhouse cleverly doubles as a bookshelf and can be fitted out with IKEA miniature furniture

Our friends at IKEA make a sweet little natural timber dollhouse which you can customise any way you like. Deck out your house with the sweetest replica IKEA furniture to match the full-size pieces you have at home, and once the tenants have vacated, the dollhouse gets another lease of life as a cute little bookshelf. So clever, and so affordable at $39 – what’s not to love?
Buy: at the IKEA store

Feature image: Miniio dollhouse

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