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Kindles, e-readers and digital print are all fantastic... but sometimes we want the kids to pick up print and dive into reading the old fashioned way. Magazines!

We love opening the mailbox to something other than bills, whether it’s a subscription box full of goodies, a flower delivery from the husband (hint!) or the results of a middle-of-the-night online shopping spree. We’re also big fans of introducing the kiddos to reading the old fashioned way – in print! So we’ve decided to combine a doorstep surprise with a retro way of reading… magazine subscriptions for the kids! From science and technology to wildlife conservation and literary magazines packed with stories and poems, we’ve rounded up our picks for subscriptions for kids’ magazines in Singapore...

High Five

Subscriptions for kids' magazines in Singapore HIGH FIVE

Your kid will be giving you a High Five when they get this in the mail.

If your kids love reading and crafting, High Five is the read for them. Designed and written by early childhood experts for preschoolers,  High Five inspires and encourages curiosity through stories, puzzles and games. It’s 36 pages packed with fun snippets of reading, math, science, recipes, for early readers.
Reading age: 2 to 6 years old
One year subscription: $99 (10 issues)


Subscriptions for kids' magazines in Singapore ANORAK

We here at Honeykids think Anorak is one of the cutest must-have magazines for kids

One look at the cover of Anorak and you know this is one of the cutest magazines on the literary block for kids aged six to 12. Each issue features a different theme  and includes activities, games and loads of silly stories guaranteed to keep the kids occupied for days. Younger readers will love its sister publication, Dot created for kiddos under six years. Both magazines are eco-friendly too – they’re printed on recycled paper using vegetable ink. It comes in Spanish too if you have little linguists in the fam!
Reading age: 6 to 12 years old (Anorak) and 6 and below (Dot)
One year subscription: £30 (4 issues)

National Geographic Kids

Subscriptions for kids' magazines in Singapore NAT GEO

Get the latest scoops on scientific discoveries from National Geographic Kids

Kids will get the latest scoops on scientific discoveries (and scientific fails), get acquainted with all the wonders of the world by picking up a copy of National Geographic Kids. Lovely regular features include Weird But True fun facts, Guinness World Records and Cool Inventions. Every issue comes with free pull-out posters and look out for collectible animal cards – always a hit with kiddos! There’s also National Geographic Little Kids for younger readers, which has less words and more photos, short stories and games suitable for tots aged three to six years old, making it one of our fave picks when it comes to subscriptions for kids’ magazines in Singapore.
Reading age: 6 to 14 years old
One year subscription: USD$30 (10 issues)

Asian Geographic Junior

asian-geographic-junior subscription magazines for kids Honeykids Asia Singapore

Asian Geographic Junior lets kids discover the world with an Asian focus.

Asian Geographic Junior is your kids’ guide to everything they never knew about the world, with a special focus on Asia. They won’t just pick up interesting tidbits of information about culture, religion, languages and famous figures through illustrated articles, there’s also plenty of games, experiments and crafts to try out. How about learning how to make rainbow jelly for dessert or crafting a dreamcatcher to save the good dreams and filter out the nightmares? Subscribe to the Family Package so you and the kids can swap fun facts.
Reading age: 7 to 13 years old
One year subscription: $38 (6 issues)


aquila subscription magazines for kids Honeykids Asia Singapore

AQUILA is great for encouraging inquisitive kids to not just discover new facts but to think about them critically too!

If your little one fancies a magazine that covers something a bit beyond the norm, AQUILA is great for challenging topics perfect for inquisitive kids. It’s filled with witty articles and appealing artwork that really encourages kids to think critically about important topics such as game theory or whether safari parks are a good thing or not. Suitable for readers age eight years all the way to up 80 years and beyond, the whole family can chip in to solve puzzles, engage in debate and carry out science experiments. There are 12 monthly issues but July and August come as a two-in-one so kids can take AQUILA along on their summer vacay (a great way to keep them busy when travelling!). New subscriptions come with an illustrated AQUILA’s Map to pin up and a Passport to the World puzzle book.
Reading age: 8 to 12 year olds
One year subscription: £70 (12 issues)

Panda Junior

WWF Panda Junior Honeykids Asia Singapore

All the best animal and environmental conservations facts can be found in Panda Junior

Produced by WWF-Singapore, Panda Junior is the only wildlife and environmental magazine that features both local and global environmental topics through interviews, quizzes, competitions, home experiments and even articles written by readers themselves (including one by our own junior reporter, Angelica!). The best part? The magazine also comes with posters of wildlife to jazz up the kiddos’ walls as a reminder to really think about Mother Earth. Get a FREE panda plush when you subscribe to Panda Junior for a year.
Reading age: 9 to 12 years old
One year subscription: $68 (10 issues)


cricket subscription magazines for kids Honeykids Asia Singapore

Kids obsessed with reading and literature definitely need to get Cricket.

Cricket has delighted children from all over the world for over 40 years (including us here at HoneyKids!). Of the 11 award-winning ad-free magazines for kids of every age and interest, our fave is still the literary magazine Cricket for readers age nine to 14 years old. Packed with stories, poems, illustrations and non-fiction accounts from all over the world by talented authors and illustrators, receiving this gem in the mail is every avid reader’s greatest joy. Plus, with contests, crossword puzzles and the Cricket gang helping young readers out with difficult words in between stories, what’s not to love? Younger readers can get stuck into the stories in Spider, Ladybug or even Babybug while teens can flex their writing muscles by submitting stories, poems and illustrations to the digital publication Cicada.
Reading age: 9 to 14 years old
One year subscription:USD$33.95 (9 issues)

Discovery Box

discoverybox subscription magazines for kids Honeykids Asia Singapore

Discover everything about the world you never knew from Discovery Box!

Discovery Box is a fun and comprehensive read for kids aged nine to 12 years old. There’s definitely plenty to discovery with a wealth of facts, quizzes, games, recipes, comics, experiments and craft inspo in every issue. Discovery Box covers topics on nature, science and history from all cultures using clear explanations and interesting captions. Kids too young for Discovery Box? Try Story Box or Adventure Box: each comes with a fully illustrated story, science facts, games and comics in every issue.
Reading age: 9 to 12  years old
One year subscription: $115.89 (10 issues)
To subscribe, contact your regional sales rep, Laetitia Gerhardt, p. 9137 2200 (whatsapp), e. 

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