Best apps for parents in Singapore: meal planners, family organisers, mindfulness and play dates

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Seeing as we're living in the age of digital technology, we're making #mumlife that tad easier with these best apps for parents...

Sometimes we just need a little time off from this adulting lark, and a quick break with a mug of coffee while we snatch a bit of me-time. And do you know what else makes parenting a tad easier? These essential apps for parents that have us covered from a virtual art cupboard and mindfulness for families to deets on your nearest playground and much-needed mum’s night outs: all with a swish of your thumb. 

1. Download Artkive so you can keep every finger painting and potato print masterpiece your little artists produce, without having to physically keep a landfill of toilet roll mermaids.

2. Head honcho and all-round supermum, HoneyKids’ founder Chris Edwards, steered us in the direction of family-organising app, Picniic. If it works for her, it definitely works for us! Consider yourself organised, family.

3. Time to stop fretting about the sometimes transient nature of friendships here in Singapore: download the Hey! Vina app for new coffee break buddies and vino-o-clock gal pals.

4. No matter where you are in the world, if your kid’s demanding swings, then swings you shall find: Playground Buddy has over 200,000 playgrounds in its database for you to work through!

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5. If you don’t have the first clue about meditation beyond a brief notion of sitting down cross-legged and humming, then Headspace is exactly what you need for getting started on a new, peaceful, mindful you.

6. Get out of your recipe rut! Allrecipes Dinner Spinner is a clever meal generator app complete with vids and step-by-step  instructions. Fool-proof. 

7. It can be a little (or a LOT) scary if your little one has a medical emergency and you’re not sure how to fix it. Don’t panic. Just whip out your home-made first aid kit and Tiny Hearts First Aid for an A to Z of the most common emergencies, signs and symptoms to look for and, most importantly, how to treat them. And then get yourself off to a doc, quick-smart.

8. If you’re not already subscribed to Netflix, you should be. Whether you’re crashed out on the sofa, on a long journey or unwinding in bed, the app is perfect for binge-watching all the shows you’ve been meaning to devour while the kids get lost in a few family flick faves.

9. Kids getting their own screens means you’ll need to set some ground rules around screen time, and the device management app plano is just the ticket for tracking and managing your child’s screen time. And how cool is this: if the kiddos hold a screen too close or slouch while using it, the screen automatically goes dark until they adjust their posture. No more nagging required!

10. Finally, when it’s been a long day and you just can’t bring yourself to cook, food delivery apps will be your saving grace. Trust us, we’ve been there.

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