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Amazing and delicious food delivered straight to your doorstep with just a few quick taps? Is it really as easy as that?

Gearing up to watch the National Day parade or just getting ready to binge more Netflix? You’ll want on to get these delivery apps. On top of school being out and rainy days in (indoor activities, anyone?), everyone’s lacking motivation to get dressed, let alone cook dinner. Hello, food delivery. These services are now booming in Singapore, but which is the best? We’ve weighed up the options below…

This UK-based delivery service is hopping around to bring you food from the best restaurants. You can search by cuisine or by popular restaurants and meals, and there are no low-quality takeaway restaurants. Deliveroo Editions – remote delivery-only kitchens – have recently opened to serve food exclusively for delivery, the kitchen in CT Hub 2 at Lavender even allows you to dine in.
Delivery hours: 8.30am (Mon-Fri)/ 9.30am (Sat/Sun) – 11pm
Minimum order: Breakfast (where applicable), 8.30am (Mon-Fri) / 9.30am (Sat-Sun) to 11am – $12; Lunch 11am to 5pm – $12; Dinner 5pm – 11pm – $12
Delivery charge: $3 for orders over the minimum order value
Payment methods: Card only, you can choose to tip your driver
Good points:

  • Recognises allergy requests
  • Option to select family-favourites

Deliveroo, p. +65 3163 7074
Deliveroo Editions, 114 Lavender St #01-15 CT Hub 2, Singapore 338729;

As the first on the Singapore food delivery scene, Foodpanda has secured a sizeable territory of more than 1200 restaurants. Rebranded from its neon orange to an electric pink and soon to be launching an e-wallet for easier payment, it even offers 24-hour fast food delivery.
Delivery hours: 24 hours
Minimum order: Varies with restaurant
Delivery charge: Varies with restaurant
Payment method: Cash, credit/debit card, PayPal
Cancelling: Cancel or change order within 5 minutes after placing an order
Good points:

  • Pick-up feature if you don’t like waiting in line or can’t meet minimum-spend for delivery
  • Around the clock delivery for midnight munchies
  • Largest delivery network in Singapore

Foodpanda, p. 6589 8669, e.;

patros-bar-and-restaurant Honestbee Honeykids

You won’t have to trek all the way down East Coast to have a bite of these tacos from Patros Bar and Restaurant. Photography: Honestbee

This on-demand delivery service has done our groceries, flowers, tickets for matinees and recently, even laundry. HonestBee is always busy buzzing for new recommendations picked by the team and is constantly working on expanding its list of restaurants and delivery area, however you can only order from one restaurant at a time.
Delivery hours: 9am – 11pm
Minimum order: None
Delivery charge: $2, some restaurants offer free delivery
Payment method: Visa, MasterCard, Amex and debit
Cancelling: Before “preparation” stage.
Good points:

  • Save money with 2% cashback on Shopback
  • Save money with 10% cashback when you pay with sumo
  • Delivers hawker food

Honestbee, e.;

What to Eat
From food promos to popular cuisines and the newest restaurants, What to Eat features only the best restaurants with more than 20 types of popular cuisines.
Delivery hours: 11am – 11pm
Minimum order: Varies with restaurant but is usually $30
Delivery charge: $2.99
Payment method: Cash, Credit/Debit card payment, PayPal and NETS payment
Cancelling: Before restaurant begins preparing food
Good points:

  • Order up to 14 days in advance

What to Eat, p. 6396 6366, e.;

Plum Food has picked Omega Samurai Bowl by Salmon Samurai as one of the perfect salmon bowls to satisfy lunch time cravings. Photography: Plum Food

Plum Food
Can’t decide what to have for lunch? Get one specially handpicked complete with a full review through Plum Food. Whether it’s a lamb shank or grilled eel and fois gras, restaurant or hawker food, you can get it delivered (for free!) to a pick up point within One North and the Central District just in time for lunch hour. The menu is curated daily so you’ll have something new to try every day.
Delivery hours: 12pm-12.30pm
Delivery charge: None
Minimum order: None
Payment method: Visa, Mastercard, American Express credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay

Good points:

  • Tried and tested delish meals

Plum Food;

Dine Inn
If you fancy home-cooking but can’t bear to step into the kitchen, there’s an app for that too! Dine Inn allows home chefs and home bakers to set up listings for home-cooked meals and you can have them delivered, collect it yourself or even dine at the host’s place or have them come to yours as a chef for hire (that’s one way to get confinement meals!). You can even register to be a host yourself and set up your very own guerilla kitchen!
Delivery hours: Varies with host, 1h delivery time minimum
Delivery charge: $10
Minimum order: None
Payment method: Credit/Debit card payment only
Good points:

  • Home-cooked food
  • Hire a chef to come straight to your home

Dine Inn;

Now that Uber has been swallowed up by Grab, Singapore has fewer ride sharing apps to shuttle us all quickly from one end of the island to the other. Grab for its part has branched out to harness the power of their drivers to deliver food as well as people. GrabFood is still ironing out the kinks so we’ll have to keep an eye on this one (we can’t even log in to the app).
Delivery hours: 8am – 11pm
Delivery charge: Varies with restaurants with an additional delivery cost for each additional restaurant
Minimum order: None
Payment method: GrabPay only
Good points:

  • Offers delivery till late


There are new start-ups on the scene and more popping up every year. Here are just a couple that deliver mainly hawker food:

fastbee delivery honeykids asia Singapore

Order from Fastbee and your food will be kept warm for a lunchtime pickup. Photography: Fastbee

Order from your favourite hawker stall and have the food delivered to a vending machine-style food dispenser and collect it at your convenience between 12pm and 1pm. With up to eight machines and counting, we’re just waiting for them to install one right outside our house., p. 8221 3308;

Love to try your local Bak Chor Mee but find it hard to communicate with your local dialect speaking hawker? Just tap to tapao (takeaway) and get hawker food delivered to you from 18 different hawker centres islandwide at just $1.50 delivery fee with no minimum order.
WhyQ, p. 6914 2673, e.;

Heads up before you tap away…
Food delivery services claim to average about 30-35min delivery time, but as with any service industry it’s all about luck of the draw. Make sure you check the estimated time before you confirm your order as delivery services can get quite swamped during peak hours. It might take hours (even days or weeks!) for services to correct a delivery error… and even then your food might not have arrived. Most of the time these services are great, but as with all purchases: buyer beware.

Happy eating in!

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