Where to go shopping for gender neutral kids’ clothes in Singapore

If you prefer to ditch the gender stereotypes for your kids, here's where you can find clothes to suit.

Gender neutral kids’ clothing is hitting the mainstream, and we like it. You may have heard the recent news that John Lewis department store in the UK will no longer categorise children’s clothes by gender – instead, they’ll be labeled for ‘Girls & Boys’ or ‘Boys & Girls’. In Australia, the Victorian state government is set to allow girls to wear shorts and trousers to school in a move to break down gender stereotypes that we think is well overdue. Surely, if girls these days are learning to code, they can also wear pants?

So, in celebration of these much-awaited forward steps for equality and in anticipation of many more, we thought we’d spread the word on kids’ clothing stores and brands in Singapore (or online stores with Singapore delivery – and while we’re at it, here are a few online stores for you) that make it easier to dress your kids gender neutrally. To be clear, these brands don’t necessarily shout about gender neutrality – we just feel they do a good job of letting girls and boys wear whatever they fancy. And that’s what it’s all about, right?


We love the new Le Petit Society store at Downtown Gallery. Photography: Selina Altomonte

Le Petit Society
Confetti, lions, rainbows, giraffes, paint splatters and cool geometric patterns are the order of the day at Le Petit Society, and lordy, have we placed a lot of orders! We are shameless in our adoration for this brand, which is the savvy creative vision of local couple Robyn Liang and Dylan Ong. They recently opened a store at Downtown Gallery, they sell online and they’re stocked in a few retailers around town. They also stock other brands they (and we) love, such as Pretty Brave, Rockin’ Baby, and Hubble & Duke.


Colours and patterns that pop, by Bobo Choses from Oh Happy Fry. Photograpy via Oh Happy Fry

Oh Happy Fry
A mumpreneur whose praises we like to sing, Rae Yun curates lots of lovely brands to bring them to the kids of Singapore. Here you’ll find Bobo Choses, who are the superstars of cool and upbeat kids’ clothes with not a frilly bow in sight. Oh Happy Fry also stocks decor and lots of other swoon-worthy goodies.


Achingly cool NUNUNU, brought to you by Alexa and Alexa. Photography via Alexa and Alexa

Alexa and Alexa
This is your go-to for outlet shopping with a huge range of cool designers: Mini Rodini, NUNUNU, Bang Bang Copenhagen, and Popupshop (hello, giant panther and crocodile prints) are our picks for the more gender neutral options, and generally just the clothes we’d love to wear ourselves!


Baby Style Icon believes boys should get to have as much fun with fashion as girls do! Photography via Baby Style Icon

Baby Style Icon
This Singapore business is probably the most passionate about breaking norms in the kids’ fashion stakes, particularly focusing on letting boys have more fun with their clothes than the traditional brands tend to let them. We love the Swagasaurus range, and the onesies are pretty darn adorable no matter who wears them.


You can count on Cotton On Kids for fun, affordable threads. Photography via Cotton On

Cotton On Kids
Sure, there’s a plentiful supply of pink bows and sparkly skirts here, but you can also pick up spots, stripes, and fun patterns in almost every colour and size imaginable. Clothes here are affordable, fun, and widely available across the island. And you’ll always walk out with a drink bottle or hair brush from the front counter because they’re just too cute to ignore.


Hipkin has a great range of stylish but relaxed pieces from Munster. Photography via Hipkin

International shipping from this Australian site costs between $15 and $35, but we’re willing to consider it to get our mitts on Bobo Choses, Munster, and Milk & Soda. Worth a look!

Photography (top image): via Le Petit Society

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