What men really want for Father’s Day: dads share their perfect day, and our top 5 gift ideas

What do men really want for Father's Day?
Men are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for, but what do they really want? We asked a few dads for the truth (and then picked out some cool presents for them!)

Oh, men. Do they honestly want no gifts for Father’s Day? (And can you believe it’s already happening this Sunday the 19th of June here in Singapore?) If you saw our poll on what women really want for Mother’s Day, you’ll know the best things in life really are free: our unanimous vote for the best present ever was a big old sleep-in and some me-time. But, a massage voucher and brunch with free-flow bubbly wouldn’t go astray, either. So, for Father’s Day, we posed the same question to a few dads, and it seems everyone is in desperate need of a bit of adult time (or kidulting time) to themselves. Okay dads, we’re listening and of course we’ll make you that breakfast Bloody Mary, but we’re also going to pick out some cool presents for you despite your protests!


Mark & EdieMark, dad of Edie, 11 months old
No actual gifts necessary. Just a day where the adults set the agenda and kids slot in second. Ideally, an early morning swim at the beach or a nice pool. Then a hearty brunch with Bloody Marys… and if that spills over into a long lazy lunch, even better. Then I just want to turn up the music (in between naps of course) and laze around watching sports, eating good food, and catching up with friends. To keep the ‘adulting’ going long into the night, I’d start watching a movie on the couch, and fall asleep within 10 minutes. Surely someone will carry me to bed, for once.


Lee, dad of Jack, 13, Angelica, eight, and Rafferty, four years old Lee & Jack
“A full English breakfast after a lie-in (we will be in Boracay so no cooking by the kids required), and then a day on the beach building big sandcastles and snorkelling. A foot massage would be nice too! Decent steak for dinner with a great bottle of red wine. Oh and I also want to watch the Euro 2016 games AND European Grand Prix that day too. No need for presents, just a great day (as above!) with the kids, the wife, sunshine, sea and good food.”




Saini, dad of Nafeesa, 26 Nafeesa's dad
“My kids are always trying to buy me stuff for my birthday or Father’s Day. I know it annoys them when I refuse gifts, or prefer to safely stash away an expensive present (it’s just not me). For Father’s Day, all I want is a relaxing day with the whole family over a big meal, with my fave local desserts included (without the usual nagging about their sugar content)!”



Tristan and TeddieTristan, dad of Minnie, seven, Willa, five, and Teddie, nine months old
“The ideal Fathers’ Day for me would involve a sleep-in followed by a pre-breakfast swim and coffee by the pool. Bacon and eggs on the BBQ with the whole family would be awesome, and a read of the weekend Financial Times newspaper while laying / sleeping in the sun would be a perfect start to the day. Other than that, home-made Fathers’ Day cards from the girls and a beer or two in the afternoon would round out a top day. It’s the simple things…”



Shairah and ThoufeekhThoufeekh, dad of Shairah, 27
“What does any father want? Health and happiness for the whole family, of course. But since Fathers’ Day is the one day where I get to be spoilt, I wouldn’t mind a cool new gadget to play with, like the Swagway Hoverboard – just don’t tell my wife!”



Hamish & Maxton

Hamish, dad of Maxton, four, and Grayson, two years old 

“A boozy brunch then an afternoon by the pool to snooze it off in the sun!”




Craig, dad of Isla, six months old Craig & Isla
“I’m a new dad and our little one finally started sleeping through the night, so I’m looking forward to some chilled-out evenings on our balcony with a nice drop of red and no interruptions. It will also give my wife a chance to try out a wine delivery from BottlesXO, which is a gift we can both enjoy!”



Alfred & MoiraAlfred, dad of Bryce, 10, Moira, one (and a little boy on the way!) 

“A family holiday where we can all be together would be the best Father’s Day present. And I want to enjoy some calm before baby number three arrives next month! ”



Damian, dad of Angela, four years, Hugo, three years, and Jack, two years old Damien and Hugo
“Some peace and quiet, and more golf!”







Oh really? You don’t want a Father’s Day present? Well these are the goodies we’ll buy and keep for ourselves then…

The HoneyKids Father's Day Gift Guide
1. Hooray for Mr G’s, a cool new shirt label, created by Singapore-based Brit George Delamain and inspired by surf, sunshine and travels around the world. The limited-edition casual shirts are made in Ho Chi Minh City, from fabrics hand-picked for their fun factor. Worldwide shipping is free, the shirts come nicely wrapped for easy present-giving, and guys will dig that each design is named after a surfing break. Weekend barbecue or day at the beach outfit sorted! Raglan shirt, $58; www.mrgsdesigns.com

2. We’re rather addicted to local label Matter around here, which celebrates ethical fashion and the work of textile artisans. We think these casual-cool Modern Monpe shorts, $154, are a weekend essential – and uh-oh, they’re unisex – we’ll take two, please; www.matterprints.com

3. Based in Bali, Bon Vivant is a neat range of handmade leather bags and shoes (check out the leather derbys with pineapple motifs for tropical vibes). We think all dads should have an amazing leather weekend bag like Bon Vivant’s Bolt Bag, $362 – for taking us away on minibreaks, of course; www.bnvvt.com

4. We love Scene Shang’s banker lamp for its art deco aura; this white marble and glass version carries a clean, modern edge, but if your husband is a purist, he’ll love the classic emerald green lampshade too. We’ve already tested this out as a present and it was a hit! The Banker Desk Lamp in Ivory, $227.50 (currently on sale!), at Naiise.

5. Dads with a green thumb (or who fancy themselves as having one) can get into urban gardening with the amazing Aerospring Garden, which allows you to grow herbs, salad greens and even veggies from the smallest of sunny balconies. From $750; www.aerospringgardens.com.