Last minute birthday cakes for kids in Singapore

Last minute birthday cakes for kids in Singapore HERO
If your cake plans didn't turned out quite as, well, planned, you're going to need our guide to where to buy a last minute or ready made birthday cake. You CAN have your cake and eat it!

You know the drill: you’ve got every last detail of your child’s big birthday bash sorted, except for the cake. You forgot you needed to source and book the perfect baker MONTHS in advance. These cake-making extraordinaires are in big demand! Fear not, fair folk, thankfully there are tons of really rather great bakeries around the island for you to grab a last minute ready made cake. From ice cream cakes to 3D numbers, character creations to something a bit different, we’ve found them all!

Bengawan Solo
The stalwart of the cake world, there’s a Bengawan Solo in pretty much every shopping mall in Singapore, with plenty of choice for kids of all ages too. For character cakes ranging from My Little Pony to Zootopia, Transformers to Justice League, you just need to give two days notice. There’s also a daily range of cakes on display to take away on the spot if you really are pushed for time.

True story: We tried to make a birthday cake ourselves once and it turned out sooooo badly that it lives forevermore in the history of ‘nailed it’ cakes among friends and family. Thankfully we lived near a Swensen’s where a last minute ice cream cake saved the day. Ice cream character cakes include Wonder Woman, Star Wars, Frozen (very apt), Phineas & Ferb, Doc McStuffins and Monsters Inc. In fact, there aren’t many characters your kid could demand that you won’t find in its freezers. Order online, or hedge your bets and turn up for a last minute purchase.

3D cakes, mini cakes, character cakes and hidden surprise cakes are all available at a PrimaDeli near you. If you want to guarantee a specific cake then it will need to be ordered four days in advance. There’s also plenty of choice on its shelves for ready to go options: birthday panic averted.

Last minute birthday cakes for kids in Singapore LYNN

Taste the rainbow at Lynn’s Cakes & Coffee

Lynn’s Cakes & Coffee
You tried to make a rainbow cake and it didn’t go quite to plan. We hear you. If you have three days to spare before party day, and can get over to Eng Kong Terrace, order in a beautiful rainbow cake made by someone who has worked out how to get perfect rainbow lines and zero colour seepage… There are also slices of rainbow cake, oreo cheesecake, red velvet cake and more to buy there and then. A slice of cake is always better than no cake after all.

Awfully Chocolate
If you are looking for something utterly delicious and little bit less Disney Princess, Awfully Chocolate has a great range of ready made cakes, especially perfect for older kids and teens (we learnt the hard way that a 10 year old didn’t want a Princess Aurora cake…). Hot tip: its chocolate and banana cake is awesome.

Last minute birthday cakes for kids in Singapore BUTTER

We’ve tried and tested the halal unicorn cake by The Butter Studio.

The Butter Studio
Here’s a scenario that *may* have happened to us: birthday cake for school celebrations all ordered and ready to pick up the day before it was needed. That same day the teacher contacted the parent to advise that the cake must be halal… Cue last minute scramble to find a replacement that fit the bill. Luckily The Butter Studio came to the rescue with its delish range of halal creations. Phew. Turns out you can pick one up in store, or put in an order 24 hours before. Unicorns, pandas, sprinkles galore: it’s got it all!

Twelve Cupcakes
Cupcakes actually make a really pretty change to a traditional birthday cake, and at Twelve Cupcakes you can pick them up in all flavours and colours literally minutes before you need them! The salted caramel is a particular favourite. Hot tip: if you’re really pushed for time, Deliveroo and Food Panda will pick up and deliver the cakes to you!

Baker & Cook
We already know Baker & Cook is the place to go when it comes to the freshest breads, but the good news is it also whips up pretty tasty cakes too. Giant chocolate meringues, carrot cake and zesty lemon pound cake are all top choices, and there are even picks for gluten intolerant party revellers.

Polar Puff
Created in 1926, Polar Puff has long been the go-to for last minute cakes in Singapore! Character cakes include Hello Kitty, Power Rangers, Angry Birds, Minions and heaps more, both in full and mini sized options. You’ll need to order two working days in advance for character cakes (although they do also have ready-to-go stock) and four working days in advance for 3D and photo cakes.

Last minute birthday cakes for kids in Singapore JCO

J.Co doughnuts all piled up make a great cake alternative!

J.Co Doughnuts
Another nifty alternative to a trad birthday cake: doughnuts! We created one of our funkiest birthday ‘cakes’ ever with a stack of J.Co doughnuts both in full size and mini form, and it was a huge success with the six year old party guests.

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