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We’ve been busy searching for volunteering opportunities for kids, doing all we can to swap out our disposables and trying our best to save water, but sometimes it’s good to take a step back and remember why we’re doing all this. Educating kids on how to conserve the environment is key when trying to lead a greener life and magazines for young readers and engaging books with cool eco-messages are, we think, a great source when it comes to easily-digestible information on important topics. Pop open one of these books and the kids’ll be clamouring to save the planet…


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Animals Of Farthing Wood by Colin Dann
This childhood classic features a daunting trip for the animals of Farthing Wood when their home is bulldozed and they are forced to set off on a journey fraught with danger to a far-off nature reserve. It has a powerful message about how important environmental conservation is and how tragic it is when animals are too often displaced when their natural habitat is destroyed. Fair warning: this tale is NOT a fluffy tale with a happy ever after, and may well be a little too hard-hitting for very young readers. It was one of our faves from our own childhood, but – as with Watership Down – it was read with a fair few tears along the way!
Price: From $14.98, buy from Open Trolley or Kinokuniya

Bee & Me by Alison Jay
Bee & Me is a wordless picture book where a little girl befriends a bee who takes her on a journey to discover just how kids can make a difference in environmental conservation. Beautifully illustrated with a message about how important bees are to the environment, the pictures speak for themselves in this one and certainly made us think twice before considering swatting a bee ever again.
Price: From $16.43, buy from Kinokuniya or Popular


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The Tin Forest by Helen Ward
An old man who lives in a junkyard dreams of turning his scrap metal surroundings into a forest full of wild animals, trees and flowers. With hard work and creativity the old man not only achieves his dream of creating a tin forest, but when the real birds and creatures begin to move in, the forest comes alive for real. A sweet tale that proves that when ideas become planted, they really can grow and grow.
Price: From $12.12, buy from Kinokuniya or Popular

The Curious Garden by Peter Brown
In an industrialised city, a little boy named Liam loves going on walks and exploring. When he finds some wild plants growing on an abandoned railway he decides to become a gardener. Watch how Liam transforms this smoggy, grey city into a thriving green paradise with the help of careful planning, his tools and some unexpected help from new gardeners.
Price: From $29.09, buy from Amazon, Kinokuniya or Popular


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Captain Green and the Plastic Scene by Evelyn Bookless, illustrated by Danny Deeptown
Captain Green emerges fresh from super hero school to answer an emergency distress call – the ocean is in danger! Filled with fun illustrations, sound effects, and a great environmental message, kids will love helping the caped captain of clean protect planet earth from pollution and grime by reducing, reusing and recycling. Remember, you don’t need superpowers to save the seas, it just takes a super human to keep it clean!
Price: From $12.95, buy from Kinokuniya, Books Ahoy!, Woods in the Books, Popular and Closetful of Books;

One Plastic Bag: Isatou Ceesay and the Recycling Women of the Gambia by Miranda Paul
Based on a true story, Isatou had enough of seeing discarded plastic bags choke gardens, poison goats and turn into mosquito breeding grounds before she decided that she needed to do something to help. This inspiring tale follows a girl from Gambia as she devises a way to transform plastic waste into woven women’s purses, and by doing so helping the world, one plastic bag at a time.
Price: From $30.32, buy from Kinokuniya, Amazon or Popular

Heal the Earth by Julian Lennon
Who says books are boring? Hop aboard the White Feather Flier and go on a journey to heal the earth in this interactive book with a great eco-friendly message. Kids can tilt the book back to make the flier take to the skies or tilt it forward to make the plane dive. Whenever they encounter environmental pollution, they can even press a magic button to fix it. Okay, so they can’t magically fix the world, but this is a pretty good way to make kids aware of environmental problems and show them that they can make a difference.
Price: From $28.30, buy from Popular, Kinokuniya or Amazon

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