10 unique party game ideas that are fun for all ages

Looking for some party game inspiration for your next shindig? Forget the old pinata and musical statues – we’re talking giant Jenga, jelly beans that taste like bogeys, and a balloon game that will make your party start with a bang!

Birthday parties that pack a punch in Singapore don’t have to be about how much money is spent, nor do they need to rely on a fancy-pants location to be a rip-roaring success (although we DO love a kids’ party in a cafe or restaurant to eliminate the catering and clean-up). We’ve thrown many an awesome bash over the years at home or in a function room. Add in a bouncy castle and a few party games and, voila, you’ve got yourself a great shindig for a fraction of the price. But if your little poppet is demanding more than your usual repertoire of retro party games, you could be under pressure to think beyond pass-the-parcel: but we’ve got you covered! Now order that awesome birthday cake, head to a party supplier for balloons and poppers galore, and read on for 10 ideas that will shake up your party game…

1. Feelin’ the food
Kids love getting their hands grubby, so put this fact to good use with a fun game sure to make them squeal with delight and horror in equal measures! Blindfold the player and then guide small  hands into various bags and tubs of food for them to guess the contents – spaghetti, cottage cheese, jello, rambutans and lychees make for especially loud squeals!

2. Pass the style
Load a garbage bag with all sorts of clothes and accessories (the more embarrassing the better! Think bikinis, big pants, funky glasses, etc) and then get the kids to sit in a circle. Put the bag in the middle of the circle, start up the music and then instead of a traditional parcel, get the kids to pass around a pair of sunglasses until the tunes stop. The player who has the glasses when the music stops has to take an item of clothing from the bag (no peeking, eyes closed), and then put it on. The game ends when all the clothes are gone, with the winner being the player with the least clothes from the bag on. The strange and wacky outfits are sure to have the small people in hysterics.

3. Beanboozled
A great choice for a teen birthday party, head to a Candylicious store and pick up the game Beanboozled (retails for around $13) and sit back and watch the hilarity as older kids and teens (plus adults too) chow down on jelly beans ranging in flavours from vomit to popcorn, or baby wipes to apple! The idea is to spin a wheel and scoff the jelly bean colour as dictated by your spin. The catch? Each colour could be one of two flavours… one delish and one, well, revolting. Folks will love and hate this game in equal measures!

4. Giant Jenga
Kids of all ages love building blocks, and this game will take tower creating skills to a whole new level: Giant Jenga! Hire the gargantuan version of the popular game from Singapore Lawn Games, and then make sure to snap lots of photos as players take on the challenge of conquering a huge stack of wooden blocks!

5. The tissue box game
Recycle an old tissue box into a fun game that all ages will love – we know, because we played this one at our Xmas party last year! All you need to do is tie the box around the player’s waist, pop a ping pong ball inside, and then get the player to jump, shake and shimmy until the ball flies out! Have a timer on standby to see who releases the ball quickest.

6. Blind face painting
Head to Daiso for some cheap as chips face paints, and then pair up party goers into teams of two. Player one gets to be blindfolded and player two gets to have their face painted: by player one! Let the hilarity commence, and then reverse the roles.

7. Truth or dare: balloon style
Write some fun truth and dares (appropriate for the age group of your party guests!) onto slips of paper. Put the dares into red balloons, and the truths into blue ones and then blow them all up. Players can choose whether they want a truth balloon or a dare one before popping it to find out their task. The sillier the dares the bigger the laughs.

8. Treasure hunt
Ah-ha me hearties – there’s treasure to be found in this popular party game that you can put your own twist on. Players will follow a series of clues, either as a group or split into teams, to race to the bounty waiting at the end of the trail – theme, prizes and challenge levels can be altered to suit any age. Plank walking optional.

9. Walking with binoculars
A fun one to try with kids of any age, and all you’ll need is a straight line (either draw one with chalk or stretch out a piece of string) and a pair of binoculars. Line the kids up to take turns to look through the wrong end of the binoculars while trying to walk on the line. The child is “out” when they veer off course (so make markers on the line for each child to see who gets the furthest).

10. Balloon stomp
Tie an inflated balloon with a piece of string around each player’s ankle and then prepare for mayhem! The aim of the game is for the kids to all pop each other’s balloons by stomping on them (make sure they are all wearing covered shoes!) and the child with the last balloon un-popped is the winner. You can make the game extra fun by placing cut-out shapes in the balloons before inflating, so each time a balloon is popped, the popper claims the shape. The kid who has the most shapes at the end (King or Queen Popper) also gets a prize.