Bluetooth and GPS trackers: Wearable devices that keep your kids safe

If your older kids have started gaining more independence, or the little ones just enjoy doing a runner at the playground, here are a few wearables that’ll help you keep an eye on them to avoid any close calls.

We love taking our kids out to do fun things at indoor play centres, shopping malls, and for picnics. As enjoyable as it is to be outdoors, every parent has at one moment or another experienced that dreaded heart-sinking feeling you get when you momentarily lose sight of your child in a crowd – and for good reason. The world out there is not always safe, plus there’s no telling what trouble the kids will get up to when we’re not looking.

While we’re not super keen on invading our teens’ privacy, safety is definitely a top priority for our preteens and wee ones. Luckily, for us, and thanks to modern technology, locating our little ones just got super easy. With wearable trackers, a push of a button will tell you exactly where junior is the second they’ve strayed away from you, or if you’re waiting to hear if they made it home from school safely by themselves.

Smart watches can easily double up as a GPS tracker, but for younger kids, devices that can be fixed to their backpack or shoes work best. All you have to do is download a corresponding app to your phone and you’re set. Here’s a roundup of some bluetooth-connected and international tracking devices that’ll help you keep your child safe and sound.


The Weenect comes with a pouch and fits snugly in the palm of your kid’s hand. Image credit to Weenect.

Not so keen on getting a phone for the kiddo? This palm-sized tracker operates like a phone without the hassle of a screen. You can make calls to your child and vice versa and track their location in a crowded park by just pointing your phone camera around the area. The Kid’s Tracker comes with a panic button which your little one can push if they feel unsafe and you’ll get a call, plus it also has a geofencing capability. While the Weenect is not compatible with any of our local mobile services, they can be used in a number of other Asian countries including Malaysia and Indonesia, plus Europe and America, making it a super useful tool for family holidays.
Number of devices you can track from your phone: Unlimited
Monthly Fee: From €7.90/SG $12.74 per month
Price: €99, buy from


You can quickly call for help using this coin-sized tracker. Image credit to Biisafe Buddy

BiiSafe Buddy
The stylish, coin-sized BiiSafe Buddy doesn’t just come in handy when you’ve lost your keys, but also for checking in on your kids. You can keep connected to the Buddy via Bluetooth up to a range of 10 to 30 metres using the free BiiSafe Buddy app. The Buddy allows you to share your location, send alerts when your child is out of range, and even make direct calls to your phone in cases of an emergency. Waterproof, durable and battery-operated, Buddy even has an accelerometer and motion sensor installed so you know whether your child is on foot or in a vehicle.
Number of devices you can track from your phone: Unlimited
Monthly Fee: None
Price: S$79, buy from Tadgets


My Buddy Tag comes in all shapes, sizes and colours. It’s sure to be a hit with the kids! Image credit to My Buddy Tag.

My Buddy Tag
The My Buddy Tag bands come in four variations – silicone, hook-&-loop, terry cloth and disposable. Each type of band serves a different purpose, so they can either be worn on the the wrist, attached onto clothing or personal items and even used during sports. Plus, they come in a variety of bright colours so the kids can pick their fave. By connecting the tag to an app, you can access the location of all the devices within a range of 12 metres (indoors) and 24 to 36 metres (outdoors). You’ll get a notification when your kid strays from a set range, when they press the panic button or even just to update you of their last known location. The Buddy Tag is even waterproof, so it’s extra useful on beach trips.
Number of devices you can track from your phone: Unlimited
Monthly Fee: None
Price: USD$39.99, buy from Amazon;


Not to be mistaken for a key fob, this sleek device is definitely hardy enough for preteens.

Coming soon to Singapore is the PocketFinder which uses GSM and GPS to keep track of kids. Though pricey, this hardy and handy little device uses Google Maps to give you regular updates on your child’s whereabouts – as frequently as every 10 seconds – using the Track Mode. You can set up geo-fences, so you get an alert when your child enters or leaves a specific area. If your child encounters a danger situation, they can send an SOS alert to an emergency contact with three pushes of a button. The PocketFinder also keeps a record of all activities for up to 60 days and is chargeable via a micro-USB cable.
Number of devices you can track from your phone: Unlimited
Monthly Fee for data plan: USD$19.95
Price: USD$159, buy from;


Just the ticket for kids who can’t remember their contact details.
If trackers aren’t your thing, have your kid wear a wristband with a QR code that stores your contact details. In case your child decides to have a wander and gets lost, they can find a nice security guard who can get in contact with you quickly once they scan the QR code. You can even get ones designed for your furbaby, if they’re prone to sneaking out of the house as well.
Monthly Fee: None
Price: USD$5, buy from


This Bluetooth tracker makes it super easy to find your little wanderer whether in a park or shopping mall. Image credit to Lineable.

Made in Korea, the Lineable is a fashionable wristband Bluetooth tracker that comes in different sizes and designs that grow with your child. Made to last one year from the date of purchase, this tracker requires no batteries, is made from silicone and 100% water-resistant. The maximum range for Bluetooth is 40 metres in an open field, but the tracker also works via GPS data and is roaming WiFi operable in any part of the world. Another great thing about Lineable is that since it uses crowdsourcing data, other parents using the app can also help locate your child. Lineable also does regular collaborations with other companies to make shoes and backpacks with in-built trackers. Who says trackers can’t be fashionable?
Number of devices you can track from your phone: Unlimited
Monthly Fee: None, useable for one year
Price: USD$12.99, buy from Amazon or Ebay;


These little bugs will keep your kids safe. Just mind the beeping.

Guardian Angel Kid’s Tracker
A bit more ‘primitive’ in terms of tracking, but if you’ve got an active toddler who likes to give you the runaround even in your own home, the Guardian Angel might be just what you need. The device comes with two ladybug keychains, plus a base unit and can track your kids up to 487 metres. These ladybugs also have a useful panic button, but they don’t like water or fiddly fingers as they can be accidentally switched off if you’re not careful. Best to keep usage to confined areas or for babysitting the bub when you’re busy.
Number of devices you can track: Up to 2
Monthly Fee: None
Price: USD$59.99, Amazon

Top image credit: Weenect

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