Happy Teachers’ Day: thank you to our children’s educators for being truly awesome

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It takes a special kind of person to be a teacher. Which is why this Teachers' Day is the perfect opportunity to show gratitude to our children's educators for all that they do.

Dear Teachers,

With Teachers’ Day upon us here in Singapore, it feels like the perfect opportunity to write and tell you how amazing you are. To thank you. But the truth is, we should be telling you that anyway and not just on one day of the year. 

It’s a big thing for parents to hand our kids over to you. My daughter goes to preschool every day so that I can go to work and earn money for our family. It’s hard for me when she’s still so young knowing the person she spends most of her time with isn’t me. But I’m so grateful that person is you. So I thank you. 

And, to be honest, I don’t know how you do what you do. Looking after a whole class of toddlers takes superhuman patience, commitment and persistence. Not to mention all those potty accidents, limited attention spans and playground incidents. And how about going to work in a cesspool of germs every day? You’re a better woman than I am. There’s not enough hand sanitiser in the world for what you face, day in, day out. So I thank you.

I know how much energy my daughter has – so I can only imagine how demanding a whole class of kids like my daughter would be. They’re like a bacterial culture in a petri dish (although decidedly cuter); their energy just multiplies like mad once they’re all in the same room! Yet you always manage to keep your cool, keep them engaged and keep them learning. So I thank you.

We all know, at such a young age, our kids develop at different rates. Being the youngest pupil in her class, my daughter isn’t up there in the talking stakes; she’s not a Chatty Cathy. And it’s something my husband and I were anxious about. But you took the time to ask her questions about her family, her baby brother, her two dogs. You encourage her with grace and patience, and encourage us to encourage her too, at home. You reassure us everything is as it should be, that she’s doing just fine. You have her back. And it’s working wonders – she’s gaining in confidence (and volume!) every day. So I thank you. 

In a classroom of big personalities, it’s easy to get lost. But you notice the small things. You notice if my daughter isn’t herself and you take the time to reach out and speak to us. That time when she was quieter than usual and a bit sad? Her daddy was away on business for the week, and she was missing him. She was taking it hard, and you were there to reassure her and give her a boost when she needed it the most. You never fail to be compassionate and supportive, to add sunshine to those rainy days we all feel. So I thank you. 

Mums love their own kids, I can vouch for that. But it takes a whole new level of remarkable to love a bunch of other people’s kids. To inspire them, nurture them and help them grow into the best possible version of themselves. Your thoughtfulness, enthusiasm and care is astounding – and I could not be the parent I am if you weren’t the teacher you are. 

You are truly amazing. So I thank you.

Happy Teachers’ Day. 


Parents everywhere

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