Kooky and cool: the Instagram kids we’re following for fashion and fun!

Bet you've never seen kids this stylish – pop them on your feed for plenty of fashion, fun, food and travel inspo. Smiles guaranteed.

Social media is a great way to stay connected with friends, family and to check out slime videos. It’s also good fun when it comes to sneak peaks into other people’s lives, and for great fashion, food and travel inspo (or envy!).  There are so many cool kids on Instagram these days, and they all have a knack for acing artsy posts full of more style in their tiny fingers than we’ve had in our entire lives. And yes, we’re guilty of spamming the Honeykids Instagram along with our personal accounts with pics of our own kids (sorry not sorry – that’s one of our own up top).  We’ve rounded up some of the cutest and most fashionable Instagram kids (with accounts run by their loving mums and dads of course), both in Singapore and worldwide to make you smile…



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1. Coco, @coco_pinkprincess
We absolutely love this mini fashionista’s street sense. Growing up among all the cool kids in Japan’s fashion central, Harajuku, it’s only natural this seven year old developed an affinity for fashion. Whether she’s chilling out on a yacht in a fuzzy green hat or sporting a ruffled yellow blouse among a bank of capsule machines, Coco always looks cute as a button. She wears everything from Gucci and Louis Vuitton to popular Harajuku brands, and even has her own shop, Funktique. This kid has it all.


2. Vada and Nova, @miasaidno
It’s mum’s account but Vada dominates the feed. No matter what she wears, Vada’s cute bob and arched eyebrows make her look like she stepped out of Vogue. This mini-model is turning five this year and she already knows how to work any look she sports. Her two mums are incredibly proud of her and we don’t blame them! She may look cool in her neon dress and purse but she and her little sister Nova, aged two, have got THE brightest smiles and we absolutely love when they’re twinning outfits. Shoutout to these mums for raising the strong daughters.


3. Na Haeun, @awesomehaeun
Living in Singapore you’ve probably heard of Kpop and at least some of the bands riding the Hallyu waves. Here’s one little girl who’s ended up on the shores of our Insta feed from South Korea, Na Haeun. This 10 year old mover and shaker has got dancing fever for all things Kpop. She doesn’t just do adorable and skillful dance covers, she’s starred in variety shows and even debuted at the start of this year with her very own music video, So Special. Her little sister Na Hayoon also makes the occasional cameo for an extra dose of cute.


4. Mazzy, @insta2yearold
Couple eight year old Mazzy with Mum’s insightful posts into her mind and you’ll be chuckling over what she thinks about everything from chicken nuggets to more sociopolitical issues like feminism and gay rights #parentingdoneright. Did we mention Mazzy’s giving stars a run for their money in the tag #whoworeitbetter? She does, every single time!


Strike a pose when your outfit is so on point ☑️

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5. Tyler Huan, @tylerhuan
Have you ever seen a cooler four year old? This professional model doesn’t just wear stylish clothes, he’s a real cool cat from his side cut to his sunnies. Tyler is just as cheeky in play clothes but once the sun glasses are in place, he’s all business. Don’t be fooled by his indifferent look, he’s got plenty of love for mum – enough to strike a pose for her again and again!


6. Ava Marie & Leah Rose @clementstwins
At just eight years old, Ava Marie and Leah Rose are total naturals when it comes to Insta-gorgeousness. Their wavy golden-brown hair and stunning green eyes along with their laid back vibes put us right in the mood for summer. The girls are about as photogenic as it gets – their parents clearly don’t need much help when it comes to acing family photos. Good looks definitely run in the family: their brother Chase Robert also models too, and mum is waaaay cooler than we could ever dream of being.


7. Logan and London, @mylogs_n_londs
Logan and London are siblings who have great street fashion. You’ll see snaps of London and Logan in streetwear wearing caps, sunnies and posing in the sun. Logan’s little toothy grin alongside his sister’s ‘too-cool-for-school’ look will definitely make you crack a smile. Mum also shares stories and posts about Logan’s autism, which is full of inspiring moments and plenty of sunny smiles.


8. Prince, @princeandthebaker
How can you say no to Mr P.? Mum Kiera has got one stylish kid who you’ll find strutting the streets of NYC in Burberry, Balenciaga and even Gucci. Mr P., or Prince, often dons sunglasses and hats in his shots but it’s hard to find him without his XO sunnies. For more style tips from the Prince, you can hop on over to Styling The Prince where his mum blogs about their trips out to the store, the aquarium and, of course, where to get ice cream.



9. Leia & Lauren, @leialauren
Twins Leia and Lauren may have an influencer mum but they’re stars of their own Instagram account. Leia and Lauren are almost three years old and they’ve got cheeks that demand pinching, for sure. We just love to see what adventures they’re getting up to next. Whether it’s dancing around the living room in their matching Frozen costumes or sharing a cool coconut drink, these girls do absolutely everything together. You’ll find plenty more shots of these little ones on Mum’s account as they travel the world having fun. 


???Sunday afternoon.

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10. Royce and Ryo, @bbroyce.stagram
Brothers Royce and Ryo are a Singaporean but their family’s got a real love for Japan. If you love all thing mini and minimalist, follow their insta for adorable snaps of these brothers feeding koi, petting deer and posing among cherry blossoms.

Top image: Na Haeun

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