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Instagram mums to follow Honeykids Asia Singapore
Not everyone lives their most authentic lives on social media, but these hashtag mums manage to capture the everyday joys (and struggles) of motherhood beautifully. Some are even on the path to inspire!

Motherhood is tough, which is why it’s so important to find the right kind of support to help you through it. It’s awesome if you have a group of girlfriends who are also mums and can act as a sounding board. Thanks to social media, one can also find support groups on Facebook and even Instagram.

Yes, we’re aware that there are plenty of mothers on the photo-sharing app who are more interested in showing off their Pinterest-worthy homes, cute kids and nifty fashion sense. However, there are also others who have decided to use Instagram as a platform to educate and inspire other parents by keeping things real.

Read on for our round-up of our all-time favourite local and international ‘Insta Mums’ who are trying to change the world – and lead by example – one picture-perfect post at a time…


1. Tjin Lee, @tjinlee

Founder of Mercury PR Group, and CEO of startup incubator CRIB (Creating Responsible Innovative Business), Tjin Lee is definitely a wondermum to her two young sons Tyler and Jake. Teaching her kids to be socially conscious and actively involved in social work, Tjin believes in raising her boys to be kind and respectful to women. A self-proclaimed dragon mum, she’s also not afraid to dish out tough love when needed and is definitely a role model for many. If there’s one thing Tjin loves doing with her boys, it’s travelling. But instead of just doing it just for pleasure, they are now doing it for a good cause. This year, Tjin launched ‘Holiday for Hope’, a holiday-for-good initiative in partnership with Operation Hope Foundation. For a fixed donation of $5000, you get to enjoy a guilt-free and culturally-immersive all-expenses paid family holiday (not including plane tickets) and help out the less fortunate in turn. To join a trip, contribute or to find out more, visit or contact Operation Hope Foundation at

2. Aarika Lee, @aarikalee

What don’t we love about this musician, mum and all-round rockstar, Aarika Lee? This singer, marketing director, co-founder of dress loan company RMBRTheDress and mum to Zola Mae and Ari Jon has all the daily inspiration on life and family you’ll ever need. A hipster mum with positivity and life lessons at the ready (she’s even written a piece for us about travelling without kids), her account is filled with her travel adventures and engagement in the local arts scene with husband and fellow musician, Kevin Lester aka THELIONCITYBOY. We’re also secretly keeping track of how many different head scarves she owns.

It is such an honour to be one of the ambassadors once again for National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre’s Giving Week this year. This time, I’m lending my support to HSCA DAYSPRING which is also part of @motherswork official charity and a cause that @swwongsharon so strongly supports – #mothers. Every time, I remind Alessandra how fortunate she is to have a family with both parents constantly around her. I never understood how it was really like to be a child from a single or troubled family, let alone be a single parent. The journey I’m imagining would have been ten times more arduous than what I am facing. If you have watched my Instagram stories, you will find me sometimes complaining about my life and how tough is to be a #sahm while juggling work and an emotional toddler. Certainly, nothing in comparison to what these parents and children are facing. Your support makes a HUGE difference to their lives. Find out how you can help here | Link in my bio #GivingWeekSG #CityofGood #MothersforMothers

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3. Bella Koh, @catslavery

We’ll admit, we’re a little bit obsessed with fashionista mum and life stylist Bella Koh. An experienced entrepreneur, and founder of S L O W H O U S E, Bella knows just how to make us crave healthy food with all her artfully-styled photography. A slave to her cats and mum to daughter Alessandra Yeuong, Bella is living the slow life and imparting her knowledge on #consciousliving through social media, her recipes and  homemade jewellery. Check out her workshops and learn everything from how to make healthy homecooked meals, such as toddler-friendly broth to setting up your own dessert table. 

How was your long holiday?weekend? I can't believe the speed with which the Christmas decor (and even songs!) here are all giving way to welcome the coming Chinese Lunar New Year! One more week till school re-opens for my two troublemakers!? That also means one more week till our sewing production is back to work.✌ I brought my Honey Bear ? Messenger Bag to the zoo a couple of weekends ago. My go-to bag whenever I need to carry more than my usual essentials, need to be completely hands free, and need to run a little… ? New Year new plans new designs new stuff new changes… all coming up! . . #littleoddforest #honeybear #bear #messengerbag #slingbag #crossbodybag #handmadebag #cutebags #kawaiibag #sgootd #etsy #amazonhandmade #fabricbag #veganbag #harajukubag #bearbag #bearlover #bearlove #bearlife #sgdesign #designedinsg #schoolholidays #schoolsout #outandabout #withmytroublemakers #motherhood #motherhoodtales #makingmemories #childhood

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4. Lynda Lye, @littleoddforest

If you’re looking for a mum with both feet on the ground and her head in the clouds, you’ve come to the right account. Lynda Lye is a Singapore-based designer and mum who has been running her forest and wanderlust inspired design label Littleoddforest (or LOF) since 2004. Follow her for your daily dose of cute bags, accessories, and prints (this curious creator comes up with new ones all the time), with her two-year-old and six-year old kids proudly modelling mummy’s collection. We especially love how LOF is catered for kidults, regardless of gender or age, and how Lynda hopes to fill the world with colourful pieces of imagination and fun through her work. 

5. Shannie Tan, @shannie.mollie

We’re absolutely in love with Shannie Tan’s life and her matchy-matchy clothing line, The Match Array. The SIA flight attendant and fashion designer may be living a life of wunderlust, but she still makes time to bring her cheeky daughter, Inca out on adventures and fill her little girl’s instagram (yes, she has her own handle!) with plenty of photos charting her growth. Shannie was inspired by her daughter to start her own clothing line, so that they could wear matchy mother-daughter outfits. The apparel from The Match Array are designed by Shannie herself and not only do they look stylish, they’re affordable too.


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6. Colleen Francisca, @colleenfrancisca

Ex-Miss Singapore World, Collen Francisca is not just a model, but also a mumprenuer who founded her own patisserie shop, Francisca Dessert Parlour. Married to Guy Mason, a business coach, they have a three-year-old daughter, Aludra, and a two year old son, Atlas. Colleen, who has been open about her fertility struggles and suspects gluten might have been the cause behind it, has today dedicated herself to making gluten-free pastries at her dessert parlour. Plus, she’s also one stylish mum, so we’re more than happy to follow her for some fashion inspiration. 

7. Theworldnus, @theworldnus

The World and Us is made up of Aussie parents Elisa and David and their two boys Javi and Joaquin. Hats off to this backpacking family who have managed to take extended vacations with a baby and a toddler in tow. Their posts and vlogs reveal that travel with kids isn’t glamorous, but it’s no less adventurous, and we’re glad to see having kids clearly hasn’t curbed their wanderlust. If you’ve always wanted to take your kids on a culturally-immersive vacay off the beaten track, this is the account to follow for kid-friendly travel guides and reviews. As the couple put it so eloquently in one of their posts, “The best thing about travel is exploring new places, meeting new people and learning about their culture”. We couldn’t agree more! 

the horse is home

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8. Innika Choo @innika

We’ve got a serious mum crush on gorgeous fashion stylist, Innika Choo. Born in Australia and based in Bali, Innika is married to resort planner and architect, Pern Choo and has three beautiful children, Eadie, Matty and Dan. This is one seriously photogenic family who look amazing sporting Innika’s own fashion line, which is focused on comfort and wearing whatever you want – two things that Innika strongly believes in. We definitely respect her for that, as well as her humour which is as daring as her dress sense. This is a mum who takes no shits except when she’s composing a post on the toilet (which she has done on occasion!).  

9. Turia Pitt @turiapitt
Turia Pitt is a living example of how women are made of the toughest material on Earth. After being caught in a grass fire and recovering from severe burns , this Aussie athlete is still running the race. This wonder mum doesn’t just regularly run marathons, she’s written two memoirs, two ebooks and is a motivational speaker and humanitarian who has raised funds for ReSurge International and Haapii. Together with her new baby boy, Hakavai Hoskin, Turia is an inspiring insta mum you can’t take your eyes off.  

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