Make a pineapple jack o’lantern for Halloween!

Pineapple Jack'o lantern
Two Expat Cooks give us the spooky lowdown on how to turn a humble pineapple into a Halloween centre piece!

How do you celebrate Halloween in Singapore? Sure, there are great Halloween events and parties for kids (so you’ll need to know where to buy a Halloween costume in Singapore), and some neighbourhoods really get into the spooky spirit with trick-or-treating. Here at HoneyKids, we want to celebrate Halloween with the kids Singapore-style, by throwing a relaxed party with fun spooky snacks that have a tropical twist. Mums Elissa Wills and Jacinta Montgomery, the brains behind Two Expat Cooks, guide us in the art of making the perfect, edible table decoration: we give you the pineapple jack 0’lantern!

 Pineapple jack o’lantern

Pineapple jack o'lantern

We love this tropical take on the jack o’lantern, created by Two Expat Cooks!

Pineapples are easy to get hold of at any supermarket in Singapore – and definitely more cost-effective and available than a pumpkin! Use a pineapple that’s very ripe – the flesh will be easier to remove. Keep large pieces of pineapple to use as pizza toppings if you’re throwing a Halloween bash!

1. Cut off the top and bottom from your pineapple. Using a small paring knife, cut the pineapple flesh in a circular motion. Pull out the flesh with your hands. Repeat this process until you are left with approximately 2 cm of pineapple flesh inside the pineapple.
2. On paper, draw the shapes for the eyes and mouth and cut them out. Secure them to the pineapple with toothpicks. Use a small knife to carefully cut around the shapes and remove the skin and flesh.
3. Place a candle inside the pineapple and enjoy! If you are going to leave the pineapple outside, sit the pineapple on a plate and add a small amount of water so that ants don’t attack your tropical jack o’lantern!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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